Favorite Anime of 2015


You probably won’t be surprised that my favorite anime of 2015 was none other than Arslan Senki.  The only other anime I rated at four and a half stars was Eden of Grisaia.  Very few anime have parodied the harem genre so well.  I especially loved the hero’s resemblance to Sousuke Sagara of Full Metal Panic! and the show’s finale was nothing short of amazing.  However, Arslan Senki‘s quality animation, fascinating setting, and equally intriguing characters gave it the edge over its competitor.  Also, as an enthusiast for all things medieval, the realistic depiction of chainmail:



Showing the danger of leaving the bind too soon:

vlcsnap-2015-09-26-12h00m08s162 vlcsnap-2015-09-26-12h00m44s463 vlcsnap-2015-09-26-12h00m54s637 vlcsnap-2015-09-26-12h01m19s222

And the realistic battles and combat–or at least exciting swordplay–were icing on the cake:


vlcsnap-2015-09-26-11h56m43s215 vlcsnap-2015-09-26-11h57m48s392


Also, the religious commentary was interesting to me.  The presentation of the Lusitanian religion seemed to criticize the historical excesses committed by both Christians and Muslims.  I’m not sure which the author intended to attack more.  In the popular imagination, the reputed bloodthirstiness of both Abrahamic religions get lumped together, save that Islam, for some unaccountable reason, is still regarded in some quarters as a religion of peace.  Though, one of my most frequent commentators, David A, remarked that many of the terms used in the Lusitanian religion may be traced to the Gnostic demiurge, especially the name Yaldabaoth.  These details make one respect all the research Hiromu Arakawa (known especially for her Fullmetal Alchemist) undertook for this setting.


Of the characters, Daryun and Farangis appealed to me the most.  The rest of the cast was also quite strong, and the viewer wants to see more of the exploits of Arslan and company at the end of the series.  Arakawa worked her magic well.  I’ll also add here that the opening and closing songs, especially the latter, were fun to listen to and only a certain je ne sais quoi prevents me from giving the series five stars.


So, what were my readers favorite anime of 2015?

7 comments on “Favorite Anime of 2015

  1. Genki Jason says:

    I didn’t make it past episode four or five with this one. My favourite anime of 2015… That’s difficult. I thought that Shirobako, One Punch Man, Death Parade, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Prison School and Subete ga F ni naru were all brilliant.


    • I did greatly enjoy Death Parade and Subete ga F ni Naru; though, with the latter, I could not understand our heroes’ interest in the antagonist: she was simply an intelligent lunatic to me. Shirobako and Blood Blockage Battlefront are pretty much on my want to watch list, and hopefully I can get around to them soon.

      Probably the worst defect of Arslan Senki is the often slow pacing. The first season’s story took a long time to develop, but I think that it’s worth sitting through those episodes. The second season did much better on that score.


  2. MIB says:

    I think we may have discussed in the past that I didn’t get very far with this show either but I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    My Top 10 for 2015 is up on my site! My no 1 choice may surprise you… 😉


  3. While I can’t agree that Arslan Senki was my favorite, I did enjoy the story quite a bit. My favorite anime of 2015 probably goes to Sound! Euphonium for being everything I want out of a realistic high school band in anime.


    • Sorry for the late reply! I remember that you enjoyed Arslan Senki a lot. Concerning Sound! Euphonium, watching the struggles of musicians doesn’t appeal to me–probably because it will bring back sad memories of trying to learn how to play the trumpet, which culminated in a concert where I only succeeded in making flatulent sounds proceed from the instrument. But, many people, especially those with positive experiences playing musical instruments, did enjoy that anime!

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