Post on Scrupulosity

My latest post on Beneath the Tangles (the creator of which is unfortunately moving onto better things) was on the topic of scrupulosity, particularly scrupulosity in anime and other kinds of media.  Scrupulosity is an affliction suffered usually by those striving for moral perfection, in which the conscience becomes so over-delicate that the sufferer is tempted to believe that lawful things are sinful.  I myself have suffered from the affliction.  That post was written in response to a letter from a reader on this topic.  Of my response, the first paragraph is the most important and cogent, reflecting as it does the opinion of the Church Fathers and writers of the Counter-Reformation Era.  In the following ones, I reflect particularly on why it is foolish to scruple overmuch on anime and other types of stories and the great good of the storytelling profession in general.

Untangled: On Scrupulosity in Anime



Legens, scribe sententias tuas.

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