Favorite Anime of 2015


You probably won’t be surprised that my favorite anime of 2015 was none other than Arslan Senki.  The only other anime I rated at four and a half stars was Eden of Grisaia.  Very few anime have parodied the harem genre so well.  I especially loved the hero’s resemblance to Sousuke Sagara of Full Metal Panic! and the show’s finale was nothing short of amazing.  However, Arslan Senki‘s quality animation, fascinating setting, and equally intriguing characters gave it the edge over its competitor.  Also, as an enthusiast for all things medieval, the realistic depiction of chainmail:



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Two of Ewart Oakeshott’s Books Reviewed

Connoisseurs of medieval weapons will instantly recognize the name Ewart Oakeshott.  He stood at the forefront of the movement to create accurate replicas of medieval swords and to understand how medieval warriors really fought.  Many museums now hold antique blades donated from his private collection.  That the stereotype of knights as clumsy oafs bashing away at each other with swords is slowly disappearing owes much to Oakeshott’s work, which included delving into both history and the weapons themselves.  These habits come across very strongly in the two works under review here: A Knight in Battle and A Knight and His Armor from Oakeshott’s “Life of the Medieval Knight” series.

Oakshott's Knight and His Armor


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