Reblog: Girls’ Last Tour Episode 5

This post by Karandi has me reconsidering whether I was right to drop this show.

Review: Normally I would be the first to describe something like Girls’ Last Tour as dull. The plot does not exist other than two girls travelling around seemingly deserted world occasionally looking for food but mostly without any kind of direction. The two characters, while charming, aren’t anything particularly note worthy. Even the setting, post […]

via Girls’ Last Tour Episode 5: Beauty in Simplicity — 100WordAnime

8 comments on “Reblog: Girls’ Last Tour Episode 5

  1. Paul Dang says:

    It is a nice watch, so far. But I found ep 5 the best so far, especially with that ending. I’ve found the interaction of the 2 main characters especially delightful. I can’t wait to see the next ep.

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  2. Karandi says:

    Thanks for the share. I can understand why you would drop it. There is no plot here and normally I’d be running for the hills from something like this. For some reason though, this one has caught me and I am loving it. I’ll have to seriously think about what made this one click with me at some point where so many other shows have bored me silly when they lack direction.

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    • You’re welcome! What drew me initially to the show was the post-apocalyptic setting and emphasis on survival amid the ruins of the world. Post-apocalyptic shows are always interesting to me, though the lack of plot did make me drop it–perhaps too soon.

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    • Paul Dang says:

      For me, it makes things that are old look new again. Things like having a roof over one’s head, the taste of foods we take for granted, such ordinary stuff the girls seem to experience the first time. Even the treatment of religion was bit deep, though still a bit simplistic.

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  3. Dan L says:

    Speaking of dark and moe shows, have you watched Made in Abyss?


    • No, it was never really on my radar. Is it any good?


      • Dan L says:

        It reminded me of Madoka Magica, which is always a plus. I feel like it had a more positive outlook and its a great adventure story. The phenomenal art and soundtrack do a lot to build up that atmosphere.

        My one complaint is that the story is ongoing. But the anime left on a good note and it wasn’t a cliffhangar, it’s more of a “The Adventure Continues” sort of moment.


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