Sunshine Award and National Blog Posting Month 2015

Happy All Saint’s Day!  Here comes that time of year where I attempt to write one post per diem in honor of National Blog Posting Month!  Last year marked the first time I managed to write or reblog one article every day.  This year, I’d like to keep up that tradition.  The post, Some Articles Percolating in My Mind, will give you an idea of what you may expect over the course of the coming month.  You should also see posts on volume 24 of Rurouni Kenshin and a biography on the Black Prince coming soon, which I should have written last month.  (See Candlemas Resolutions in the post mentioned above)  Prompted by Luminas in my last article, I intend to write a narrative about my pilgrimage to the relics of St. Maria Goretti, which were exhibited in Duluth, Georgia on October 27th.  The veneration of relics strikes Protestants and others as a weird thing Catholics and Orthodox Christians do, but we can at least claim a long history for it: “God was performing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them” (Acts 19:12-13).  So, the New Testament records the great power of relics; in this case, third class relics, which are of the kind I gained from this event.


But, “Sunshine Award” is in the title!  Yours truly has received three nominations for the Sunshine Award and two sets of questions.  Thanks to Jusuchin, InfinityZenith, and Animecommentary for their nominations!  Each one has a truly  unique blog.  I encourage avid fans of military hardware and anime to check out A Journey Through Life, enthusiasts for detailed reviews of an eclectic assortment of anime and video games to look at The Infinite Zenith, and connoisseurs who like deep episodic anime reviews and reviews of classic old cartoons and movies to take a look at Anime Commentary on the March.


Three Rules of the Sunshine Awards

  • Extend thanks to your nominator
  • Answer the questions provided
  • Nominate other bloggers (the number is of your choosing), notify them, and generate some questions for them


Infinitezenith’s Questions

1) What factors motivated you to begin writing about anime in your blog?

I started writing this blog to keep up my writing skills, which had fallen into disuse, and wrote articles on all of my interests, of which anime features prominently.  My first month of blogging probably stands a a perfect example of how not to blog about anime.  When writing a pessimistic review of the quality of contemporary anime, I tried the novel idea of including a picture in an anime post, and someone actually read it!!!  From there, I discovered that my fellow bloggers were most interested in my articles on anime, and the rest is history.

2) What aspects (for instance, story, artwork, voices) constitutes a masterpiece anime in your opinion?

I’ve always been a big believer in interesting characters.  Solid rules exist for creating interesting plots and deep characters, but characters can vary much more than plots.  A quick look at my top ten reveals shows brimming with deep and interesting characters.  Two other things I look for are very engaging and unique worlds and, on a subliminal level, good music.  I actually didn’t realize how important music was to me until on a whim I started listening to Rurouni Kenshin’s soundtrack.  Even if most of the opening songs of RK are objectively bad (see “Freckles”) or even offensive and objectively bad (see “Hanbun” and the line “God doesn’t forbid anything”), the background music sets the mood in a way that has few equals.


3) If you recognize an region in an anime, would you be interested in visiting that location?

Yes, I’d love to visit anywhere in Japan except for their largest cities.  Having lived near New York City most of my life, I’ve come to dislike metropolitan areas.

4) If you have attended an anime convention, what would you suggest to first-time attendees? If not, will you consider attending one?

I attended a comics convention once.  I loved seeing the old issues, picked up some splendid anime posters, and eventually became good friends with one of the cartoonists.  The only suggestion I have is to bring plenty of money with you, plenty of patience for waiting in lines, and to avoid carefully the hentai section.

5) What are your opinions on anime reaction blogs, whose sole purpose is to posit a controversial opinion for the sake of increasing their readership?

Popularity seeking is a vice, but it’s an easy one for a blogger to fall into.  As for stating controversial opinions, that’s okay as long as the blogger really believes it; but, I have little regard for someone who trolls the rest of us merely for the sake of popularity.


Jusuchin’s Questions

1) Do you see yourself blogging for another five or ten years? Do you think you might fall under the ‘blogger burnout’ as Professor Reynolds at Instapundit calls it?

Well, I love writing, and blogging provides the perfect venue for informal essays.  So, I would not be surprised to continue blogging for another five years at least.  I discovered that Steelbound of The Null Set and TWWK of Beneath the Tangles have kept up their blogs for over six years.  I’d like to surpass that.

2) What got you interested in anime?

Having always loved the samurai and Japanese martial arts, I was a Nipponophile from an early age.  It was only a matter a time before I became addicted to anime.  That time came around when Toonami started playing episodes of Rurouni Kenshin in sophomore year of high school.

3) What got you interested in blogging?

See above.


4) If time and money were not a factor, is there somewhere you want to go or do?

I suppose that I would like to tour Europe.  If I could only pick one country, Croatia it is!  My family is from there, and they played an important role in defending Europe from the Turks; hence, a pope dubbed them “the Wall of Christianity.”

5) Recycling Infinite Zenith’s question, but what aspects (for instance, story, artwork, voices) constitutes a masterpiece anime in your opinion?

See above.


My Nominations

 1) Steelbound of The Null Set

2) Josh W.  of Res Studiorum et Ludorum

3) Foxfier of Head Noises (I think that she turned down the last nomination I gave her since she felt unworthy because she mostly reblogged at the time.  She’s started writing more original posts, and I hope that she accepts this even if her initial response is “Non sum dignus.” 🙂 )

4) lynlynsays of Just Something About LynLyn

5) suburbanbanshee of Aliens in This World


My Questions

  1. Does any anime remind you of your favorite author’s books?
  2. Who is your favorite philosopher?
  3. What is your favorite anime?
  4. Why did you start blogging?
  5. What’s your favorite hobby?


13 comments on “Sunshine Award and National Blog Posting Month 2015

  1. lynlynsays says:

    I’ll get on this as soon as I can. Thanks for contributing to my NaBloPoMo content 😛


  2. Josh W says:

    Thanks for the nomination! These are really starting to pile up….


  3. Arria Cross says:

    Congrats on the award and best of luck on the National Blog Post Month!


  4. […] thanks to The Medieval Otaku.  In spite of his sometimes questionable taste in blogs, he’s got very good taste the rest […]


  5. […] Before I get to Medieval Otaku‘s questions, I would like to address this blogger’s blogroll. On the side of their website, you will see a variety of categories that each include a list of bloggers. While scrolling through it, I realized that I don’t fit in a specific category. My blog does contain “reviews” on anime, manga, novels, and movies, but it also has a personal side to it too. I guess you could say that my blog is all over the place. If it is, what would you label my blog as? This is just a thought I came up with as I was reading through Medieval Otaku’s Sunshine Award post. […]


  6. steelbound says:

    If you want to surpass my length of blogging (you’ve probably have already surpassed me in terms of amount of content) then don’t help me in my blogging 🙂 That said, I’m currently ridiculously over-thinking your questions so it’ll be a bit before I have something to post.


    • Well, it was more the six years that I’d like to surpass than the entire lifespan of your blog, which I hope lasts a very, very long time. I like giving people simple questions which they can elaborate on to their hearts’ content, and I very much look forward to seeing your post. 🙂


  7. […] so I’d have all three of my stickied posts feature a screenshot from the show but Medieval Otaku nominated me for the Sunshine Award and … wait, I just had a good idea … continuing, Medieval Otaku is a […]


  8. […] Sunshine Award and National Blog Posting Month 2015 […]


  9. […] Sunshine Award and National Blog Posting Month 2015 […]


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