Revenge of the Medieval Physicians!

This is pretty cool. A Medieval recipe succeeds in killing MRSA bacteria.

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Medieval physicians get a lot of guff for their prescriptions, which were often based on discredited Greek humor theory or astrology.

However, a lot of their medicines were based on experience, too, and some of them work quite well.

So, in the desperate search for something that kills antibiotic-resistant MRSA dead but doesn’t kill the patient, medical science has gone back to examine medieval ointments and salves.

It now appears that “Bald’s eyesalve,” a 10th century Saxon mix of garlic, wine, leek or onion juice, oxgall, and brass chemical byproducts, does kill 99.99% of MRSA on mouse skin samples, when applied topically. (Which is to say that they removed the skin from the mice and gave it MRSA, not that they gave MRSA to the mice.) They also tested versions which contained only one or two of the main ingredients, or only water cooked in the brass vessel, or…

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3 comments on “Revenge of the Medieval Physicians!

  1. Foxfier says:

    What I think is awesome is that it had actually been tried once before– but they didn’t put it together right, so it became slime instead of salve and was worthless.


  2. David A says:

    Very interesting!


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