Quick Takes for Old Anime

It’s been a little while, my dear readers.  It looks like the regular anime season is past the mid-point, so I should write something up about what I’m up to.  If you recall, most of my current watch list consists of old anime on my backlog.  I did make an exception for Cells At Work, which was recommended by MIB of MIB’s Instant Headache–an excellent recommendation.

Cells 1

Most of you are familiar with the idea and the format of Quick Takes, so I’m just going to jump right in.


Miyu 16

Vampire Princess Miyu TV (1997-98) comes pretty close to being a masterpiece at ★★★★ 1/2.  The closest anime to compare with this show has to be Hell Girl.  Both share a female protagonist bound by fate whose closest companions are otherworldly beings–called Shinma in Vampire Princess Miyu.  (The English translation simply used the Japanese word.  “God-demon” is the most literal translation and the most confusing one.  Often, one will see creatures like this just called demons despite the Japanese equivalent for what is usually meant by the word demon is akuma.  Subbers should just borrow the term longaevi from the Latin, as this is the most accurate term for a host of beings in Japanese mythology.)  While Ai Enma is summoned to send usually wicked people to hell, Miyu works by keeping her territory clear of stray Shinma.  She’s often willing to ignore the presence of stray Shinma as long as they behave, but she’ll send them into the demon realm within a fiery inferno should they choose to prey on humans.

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Skip the Summer Season!

This judgment of mine is coming a little late, but here goes.  Yours truly has been browsing through the 2018 Summer Anime Chart and reading the opinions of various bloggers.  At this point, I can honestly say that Summer 2018 looks like the worst anime season I have seen in a long time.  The only show that piqued my interest was Dies Irae: To the Ring Reincarnation, because I wonder whether they can salvage the anime from the train wreck of the original season (★★).  The best news about this summer is that certain good anime from the previous season are carrying over into this one, like Isekai Izakaya.*


I can’t think of a better opportunity for catching up with one’s backlog.  Surely, you have some anime you’ve placed on the back-burner.  (From casually browsing Anime-Planet, my Want to Watch list numbers 361 titles!)  Now is the time to watch these shows.  Anime is more than the year 2018 after all!  This year counts as the hundred and first anniversary of anime, which began with Namakura-Gatana (1917), which means there’s more anime than the average fan can watch in a lifetime.

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Patema Inverted, Psycho-Pass the Movie, and Vampire Princess Miyu OVA

Looking at my list of anime to write about, I noticed that five of them are series and the other three shorter works.  And so, I am writing about Patema InvertedPsycho-Pass the Movie, and Vampire Princess Miyu here and the other five tomorrow.  Two anime yesterday, three today, and five tomorrow: you can see that I’m trying to ease myself into National Blog Posting Month.  As usual, let’s see how long I last without resorting to a reblog.


1) Vampire Princess Miyu OVA – ★★★ 1/2

Watching this OVA reminded me of the good old days when anime DVDs included only two or three episodes a disc.  This four part OVA came on two discs, and I was scratching my head as to why they could not fit all four episodes on the same disc.  I loved the old cell animation employed in this series, which has been lauded for the traditional style of the artwork.  Everything from the dark scenes to the music to the creepy characters worked to envelop the viewer into the mood of this eldritch tale.


Our titular character, Miyu, happens to be tasked with the goal of sending Shinma–creatures half-god and half-demon (all demon, if you want my opinion)–back into the netherworld from which they came.  A female exorcist named Himiko becomes involved with Miyu during the failed exorcism of a fox demon from a comatose young girl.  Will Himiko survive her acquaintance with Miyu and her henchman Larva, and what is the mysterious link between the vampire and this young exorcist?

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