Overall Ratings for the Ten Movies

Yay!  I can now say that I have watched 300 anime!  It was a fun journey, and I very much enjoyed all of the films–even the one I didn’t like.  Thanks again to those who recommended the movies to me.  Using the star rating system, this is how I felt about the films.  In my case, half a star translates to an abomination (an honor shared by Cat Soup and X: The Movie); one through one and a half stars to a terrible film; two to two and a half stars to uninspiring; three to three and a half stars to this was pretty good; four stars to a great film which I’ll definitely watch again; and four and a half and five stars to a masterpiece.


1) Tokyo Godfathers ★★★★1/2

2) Kiki’s Delivery Service ★★★1/2

3) Royal Space Force: Wings of the Honneamise ★★★★★

4) Wolf Children ★★★★

5) Whisper of the Heart ★★★★1/2

6) My Neighbor Totoro ★★★★★

7) Evangelion 3.0 ★★★

8) Paprika ★★★★★

9) Sky Crawlers ★1/2

10) Secret World of Arrietty ★★★★★


Except for two of them, they were all great movies.  And of those two, Evangelion 3.0 suffered in my estimation for making the viewer feel lost much of the time–particularly in the first half hour–and feeling far too much like The End of Evangelion, a movie which makes one appreciate the TV series’ ending more.  But, the last five minutes of Evangelion 3.0 went a long way to redeeming the film and making me look forward to the final installment.  Sky Crawlers, though being a melancholy, boring, angsty, boring, unrealistic, and boring film which makes Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade look like a fast paced thriller, provides much food for thought.  Actually, a pretty good article should come from it.

Stay tuned for some reviews!  I should be able to place some up soon.