Natalis Sancti Leonis Magni

I must confess to being remiss today, my dear readers.  November 10th happens to be the feastday of my confirmation patron, St. Leo the Great.  St. Leo is most famous for his denunciation of the Arian heresy, which was sprouting its head during his papacy.  He sent a famous Tome to Council of Chalcedon, which declared that Our Lord Jesus Christ was fully human and fully God with neither nature overriding the other.  When the Patriarch of Constantinople heard this famous Tome read at the Council, he is said to have exclaimed, “Peter has spoken through Leo!”  And the council was a victory for orthodox Christian doctrine.


I really ought to have gone to Mass today.  But, I hope to make amends for my slip in devotion to a good friend and patron by recommending these two articles to you: My Patron’s Feastday and St. Leo the Great’s Sermons.  Through the intercession of St. Leo, may God lead us to a more perfect understanding of theology and repentance.

My Patron’s Feast Day

Any of my dear readers who have St. Leo the Great as your patron might be interested in this.  His feast day is coming up on November 10th.

Just prior to being confirmed, I learned a version of how Attila was prevented from sacking Rome.  St. Leo was pope at the time.  The day before Attila marched to Rome, he had nightmare in which a priest bearing a sword threatened to kill him unless he did everything St. Leo told him to do.  So, when Attila meet St. Leo, a very meek man, he conceded to the pope’s request not to sack Rome.  I thought that it was St. Leo himself who had appeared in the dream, but it turns out that St. Leo had a strong devotion to St. Peter (as a pope probably should) and that it was probably St. Peter who threatened Attila.  At any rate, this story influenced me to choose St. Leo as my patron.

Otherwise, St. Leo is famed for his beautiful sermons advocated prayer, fasting, and almsgiving–placing emphasis on the last.  People still admire them to this day. He also wrote a beautiful tome defining Christ as having both a human nature and a divine nature with neither nature overriding the other, which he delivered at the Council of Chalcedon in 451.  This prompted the Patriarch of Constantinople to cry out: “Peter has spoken through Leo!”

He has especially helped me when it comes to performing my duties, writing, and studying well.  So, I encourage you also to ask for his help in these areas and others.

Happy All Saints Day & National Blog Posting Month

Happy All Saint’s Day!  I hope that all you Catholics went to church today.  The Feast of All Souls is celebrated tomorrow, so I encourage everyone to remember their departed friends and relatives or the holy souls in purgatory generally on that day.  Even if you believe your loved ones are in heaven by now, prayers for the dead are never wasted: if one prays for a soul already in heaven, the Church on earth benefits.  This is also a simple way to perform a work of mercy.

Anyway, I’ve been very neglectful in posting for the past while, but I recently got a message about it being National Blog Posting Month; so I’m going to turn over a new leaf.  Each and every day will have some sort of post for the entire month–no matter how short of an article.  There have been a few ideas for posts churning in my brain, though I have not found the time.  Here are some examples:

1.  The relationship of Kiba and Cheza as symbolic of the bond between Jesus and Mary

2.  A review of No. 6

3.  A post about St. Leo the Great before his feast day on November 10th

4.  A review of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which I’m reading for the first time

5.  A review or more thoughts on Weighted and Wanting by George MacDonald

6.  A review of Humanity Has Declined (two episodes to go)

7.  Impressions of Fairy Tail, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, and Samurai Deeper Kyo manga

8.  Some information about Baltimore

9.  A Report of the Eucharist Congress held by the Diocese of Trenton at the Garden State Arts Center (where you may learn interesting facts about the blogger in addition to the Congress)

10.  Reviews of certain teas and beers

So, this ought to be an interesting month on this blog, provided that I can write the five substantial papers also due this month.