Anime Winter 2018 Season Review: Part 2

Well, I’ve delayed writing the second part of this series of posts enough to have watched Violet Evergarden in the meantime.  As you suspect, I waited until Netflix released it.  I have to say that Violet Evergarden stands head and shoulders above everything which came out in the winter 2018 season.  So, I modified my last post such that it covers #10-7, this post will cover #6-2, and Violet Evergarden deserves a post of its own.


6) A Place Further than the Universe ★★★ 1/2

Many people have placed this show first for the season.  In my case, this genre is so far from one of my favorites ( my favorites being fantasy, action, and comedy) that A Place Further than the Universe had no chance of rising so far–especially with its standard quality animation.  Kudos still goes to this show for how eager I was to watch it every week.  In a more usual season, where there are more subpar anime, it would have risen higher on the list.

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Day Two of 10 Days to 300: Kiki’s Delivery Service

Hmm…I find myself rather underwhelmed by Kiki’s Delivery Service.  The film features a solid story and spectacular animation, but it failed to click with me.  Perhaps your humble blogger is to old for it?  The movie is essentially a coming of age story, where an adolescent witch named Kiki must find her own town in which to reside.  She discovers the city of her dreams, some good friends, and many obstacles to overcome.  The characters all stand as very likable.

Black Cat & Cup

Hence, this is a solid film, but not too appealing for me.  *Spoiler Alert*  Kiki’s loss of her magical powers stood out as my favorite part in the movie.  I found her conversation with the artist during this trial especially interesting.  The artist compared magic to the creative impulse, saying that God is responsible for inspiring our hearts and that art as well as magic must be original.


And so, this is a wonderful movie for children, adolescents, and their parents.  But, in my case, I had a lack of identification with most of the characters.  It needs to be more otaku-ish for viewers like me, I suppose.