Rating the Anime of Winter 2019, pt. 1

Here begins the first part of a long set of reviews–at least, of what I call reviews.  I tend to describe the facets of each show which I found enjoyable or deplorable.  After all, the other anime reviewers have covered all the technical points by now, and I’d likely only be repeating myself.

Spec-Ops 42

The following six out of the eleven anime watched in Winter 2019 rate from 2 1/2 to 3 stars.  For me, two and a half stars refers to a mediocre anime which disappointed me, but not enough for me to consider it to have been a waste of my time.  Three stars designates a decent anime which I enjoyed but will not watch again.  Three and a half star anime are good enough to be worth watching again in the future and contain aspects which make them memorable.  I’m inclined to be generous with that last rating.  Thankfully, I did not run into any anime I’d rate two stars or less this season, which are all levels of poor quality.

Kotobuki 4

Let’s begin, shall we?  Spoilers ahead!

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Rating the Anime of Winter 2017

There were three anime left out from my reviews at Beneath the Tangles.  Also, I’ll give a couple of bonus reviews at the end, one of which is old school and the other very modern.  Let’s begin without further ado!

CC 3

1) Chaos; Child – ★★1/2

As a fan of Chaos; Head, his show rather disappointed me.  If not for the final episode, it might have been given two stars instead.  There is plenty of meaning to be found in that final episode.  But, the mystery and character relationships, save between Takuru and Nono, struck me as very bland indeed.  Overall, the show comes off as a sadistic dating game.

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BnT’s Winter 2017 Reviews

LWA 36

Beneath the Tangles recently finished their reviews of anime from the Winter 2017 season.  Three of my own reviews on Onihei, Chain Chronicle, and Little Witch Academia can be found among them.  I’ve watched a few other shows this season and hope to write reviews of them and three older anime this weekend.  (I’ve been painfully busy this month until now.)  Please like and leave comments on the posts below!  Enjoy!

Winter Anime 2017 Review (Part 1/3) – Onihei

Winter Anime 2017 Review (Part 2/3) – Chain Chronicle

Winter Anime 2017 Review (Part 3/3) – Little Witch Academia

Rating the Anime of Summer 2015 and A New Watch List

As usual, I find myself late to the party when it comes to posting my ratings for the past season.  However, I have already given my opinions of Gangsta! (here), Wakako-zake (here), and Arslan Senki and Aoharu x Kikanjuu (here).  This leaves two anime from my old watch list not reviewed by me, and the post will describe my opinions of them.  But, let me list my ratings of the other four below:


  1. Arslan Senki ★★★★1/2
  2. Gangsta ★★★★
  3. Aoharu x Kikanjuu★★★1/2
  4. Wakako-zake ★★★



And here are my opinions of Gate and Rokka no Yuusha:


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1st Anniversary Post!

Well, I cannot let an occasion like this pass by without comment.  Seeing an odd symbol on the notification icon, I began to wonder if I had done something wrong or angered a fellow blogger in some manner.  But, it turned out to be a trophy sign indicating that I have been blogging for one year on wordpress.  This is also the 100th post, my birthday, the Feast of St. Vincent Ferrer, and the birthday of Thomas Hobbes so there seems to be many things to celebrate.

St. Vincent Ferrer

St. Vincent Ferrer

Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes

I would like to thank all my dear readers who trudge through my many lackluster posts which clutter this blog waiting patiently for a few gems to drop from my pen and continue to follow me even though three weeks or more often pass between posts.  Without your support, I could never have maintained this blog.  So, I’d like to briefly describe what you might see here in the future–i.e. in addition to what you read a month earlier.


Reviews of tea, beer, and other fine drinks have not been attempted since November 13, 2013.  I’d like to bring that back.  As a matter of fact, I’ll be heading to the 821 Cafe in Richmond, which I’m told has a wide variety of great craft beer.  I’ll be sure to keep some tasting notes in mind.  As for tea, my present penury makes reviewing top notch tea an ideal for the distant future when the summer will allow me to earn a steady stream of income.  However, you might see reviews of some cheap stuff and there are still three great teas for review in my collection.

Social / Drinking Party

Otherwise, here’s a list of some more tentative posts:

1.  On The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

2. On St. Leo the Great’s Sermons and St. Jerome’s Sermons on the Psalms

3. On Olympus has Fallen

4. On Shakespeare’s The Tempest

5. A Review probably making fun of a little known fantasy anime called Y’s

6.  On Cicero’s and/or Demosthenes’ Philippics

Well, including my other list, that’s more than enough to keep me busy, don’t you think?  I’ll try to punch one of them out before being thrown back in the college grind.