Examining Light Novels: On Relationship

Here is the first post for my new column on Beneath the Tangles.  The next eight posts will be covering the rest of the Spice and Wolf light novels.  This first article initiates the reader into what the main theme of the series is alongside my commentary on it.  I can’t recommend Spice and Wolf enough.  The only downside is the sour view Isuna Hasekura takes on monotheism; but I can forgive a Shintoist that, and it should make for some interesting articles later on.

I hope you like this article, which is linked to below.

Examining Light Novels: On Relationship


The End of Examining Old School Anime


Here’s the post announcing the end of my “Examining Old School Anime” column on Beneath the Tangles.  It also talks about the next column I want to write, and I hope that my dear readers will enjoy it.  Click below for the information about the new column!

The End of Examining Old School Anime