Links Updated!


It’s so easy to leave up dead links or forget to update old ones.  This blog’s sidebar unfortunately included a lot of dead ones.  You’ll be happy to know that all the dead links are gone, links to forgotten blogs cast into oblivion, and some new sites I’m following have been added.  Feel free to browse them and see whether any catch your eye!


New Links!

I have some new links for you, my dear readers.  The list of blogs I follow increases more rapidly than it should as I find more interesting writers.  This makes the times when I finally get around to updating my links feel rather like a chore–at least, by the end of list.  You see, I have three blogs, and have just finished updating the links on all of those sites.  One in particular, Aquila et Infans, actually did not have a list of links until today!  How I could have been so remiss!  Keshikaran!  Mattaku keshikaran!

Tsukikage Ran famously says "Mattaku Keshikaran" whenever she becomes irritated, which translates to "Competely inexcusable."

Tsukikage Ran famously says “Mattaku Keshikaran” whenever she becomes irritated, which translates to “Competely inexcusable.”

Another thing I find almost inexcusable is how many blogs which I have followed and then read extremely little of them.  Of course, it’s rather easy to lose touch in the blogosphere.  Amusingly, I usually catch the laziest blogger out there, Naru of What is this “Culture” you speak of, when she starts blogging again, but recently managed to miss her when she displayed the rare industry to write a 12 part post in December!  But life is funny that way.

Killua is Naru's latest avatar.

Killua is Naru’s latest avatar.

I suppose my new year’s resolution should be to not lose touch with the people I know, either online or offline, right?