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My dear readers might have noticed that I organized the gigantic compilation of anime blogs into several smaller categories.  The thought came to me that people were likely going cross-eyes while scrolling through those lists.  This organization should make it easier for visitors to find new anime blogs which fit their tastes.  Because their categorization describes what kind of blog they are, I have for the most part inserted the site’s tagline as the description unless the site did not bear one.  In which case, I either left it as is or wrote something new based on the site’s about page–depending on how industrious I felt at the moment.

Rei eating Ramen

Several new sites have also been added to the list and one site’s name has been changed.  (Everything’s Magic used to be Grace le Fay.)  Of those sites recently finding their way onto my list of links, I recommend especially Contemplans Profundes, Gaikokumainiakku, Chromatic Aberration Everywhere, Res Studiorum et Ludorum, Fantasy and Anime, and A Journey through Life.  By the way, if any blogger thinks that I categorized their site incorrectly–e.g. “I do not want to be known as a site for weekly reviews/episodic reviews/opinion pieces, etc.  I prefer x”, tell me and I’ll happily place it in the category of your choice.  (This is very much the case if I marked your blog likely defunct, and you intend to write in the near future.  Send me a message saying: “Reports of my blog’s demise are greatly exaggerated.” xD )   But don’t recommend any new categories please!  Unless it’s Anime News, which I considered adding; but, I think that it would only fit two sites anyway.

Might as well add an anime recommendation in this article: watch Ga-Rei Zero.  Great action, a great story, and a cool bad girl.

Might as well add an anime recommendation in this article: watch Ga-Rei Zero. Great action, a great story, and a cool bad girl.

Before I define the categories, let me state that several sites do more than just one kind of blogging, but I tended to define them by the kind of blogging which seemed most prevalent.

Anime and Foreign Film Blogs – These blogs routinely cover more than just anime or even tend more toward live action films.

Christian Perspective – These blogs are either fundamentally concerned with looking at anime from a Christian perspective or their Faith has a discernible influence in their articles.  If you look at some of my articles here, some have an overtly Christian message or pick on certain themes or threads which a non-believer might have found less interesting than other things going on in an anime.

Editorial Style – This is the most popular category.  Bloggers give their personal opinions and analysis on specific themes found in anime.

Episodic Reviews – The hardest thing to do well.  These bloggers analyze anime series episode by episode, often pulling on different themes found in each.

General Reviews – These bloggers evaluate whole series or movies and give their recommendation about whether they are worth watching.

Likely Defunct – I wrote likely here because, though they haven’t posted in months or even declared that they were retiring from blogging, they might decide to come back.  In certain cases, I chose not to include some blogs where the author has not posted in a long time because I hope that they will return to the blogging world soon.  Some of them are excellent, especially Chronicle Holic, Lemmas and Submodalities, and Rayout.

Weekly Reviews – Almost as hard as episodic reviews, these will examine an entire week’s worth of episodes and either report on every show or remark on the best and worst episodes.

Hope that you find a new blog to follow!

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