Exploring the Brews of the Victory Brewing Company

Before I start extolling the virtues of the Victory Brewing Co., based in Downingtown, PA, let me say that your opinions have been heard, dear readers.  According to the history of the site’s traffic, fine beverages and anime are the two most popular topics.  So, while I will publish articles on my other hobbies, expect to see a slew of articles on these topics.  Without further ado, here’s your next favorite craft brewer.

So far, my palate’s had the pleasure of experiencing six of their brews.  By far, their Baltic Porter, aptly named Baltic Thunder, is my favorite.  Drinking this is like drinking a rich chocolate cake, but the sweetness doesn’t overwhelm one so much that one cannot drink it alone.  The next time I walked into the store, restraining myself from buying a case of this required not a little willpower.  Their Russian Imperial Stout, Storm King Stout, is another of their dark beers for which they are rightly esteemed.  This one is packed with espresso and dark chocolate flavor with a hint of vanilla; but, at the same time, its dryness would make it a nice complement to your first barbeque this year or some nice London broil, filet mignon, or meatloaf.

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The Forgotten Pleasures of Fine Beer

I’ve gotten a request to review some beverages I’ve had recently.  Might as well start with the one I just finished: Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout.  It has a wonderful roasted coffee flavor which is enhanced by the brewer’s licorice.  I also noticed some vanilla and a slight dark chocolate flavor.  I’d especially recommend it with some grilled steak or similarly cooked beef.  This is the second Bell’s I’ve had, and they really live up to their reputation.

For the next few reviews, I’d like to note that I’ve been saving these beers for after Lent, so any discrepancy between how other people have reviewed them and mine may be attributed to that–especially if I give a sour review.

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