TAG – Five Flaming Hotties


MIB did the honor of tagging me in this little game.  Thanks!  Now, I have an excuse to talk about five anime girls I find attractive.  There are two ways to concoct a list like this: 1) a list based on raw physical appearance or 2) a list based on a combination of appearance and personality.  I have chosen the latter so as not to drive away the many female fans of this blog.  This particular game had its start in the blogs Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts, which are linked to below.

Sake 3

The creators probably intended for real persons to be named, but all of the movie stars I would name are well past their prime or deceased.  (I’m a huge fan of old movies.)  Also, my dear readers are likely more interested in anime characters than, say, classic stars of cinema like Sophia Loren.   Considering the wide range of personalities among anibloggers and that 82,380 female anime characters now exist according to Anime-Planet, these “top hotties” posts tend to be more interesting than one would initially think.  May my choices encourage you to check out some of the anime in which these heroines star!

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My Favorite Anime of 2014

This is rather late to be talking about my favorite anime of the past year.   But, ’tis better to be late than never.  The more careful of my readers already know which 2014 anime excelled all others in action, comedy, and likable characters: Sabagebu!  Sabagebu! stands as a five star comedy in a year which featured many good but few great shows.  The only other great show which comes to my mind is Shingeki no Bahamut. vlcsnap-2015-01-31-21h14m06s179 The show fits in the genres of parody and black comedy.  The parody targets 80’s action movies.  (The Predator and Mad Max episodes are practically unforgettable.)  But, it also poked fun at samurai dramas, as we see in the hunting episode.  Amusingly, all the killing and death occurs in the protagonists imaginations–even though certain scenes make one wonder.  (Just what happened to all those guys who went down in the helicopter sent to rescue Urara from the ladies’ room?  Was there even a helicopter to begin with?  Hard to tell sometimes.)  The members of the series’ Survival club are all screwballs but inherently likable.  Momoka, the blissfully sadistic psychopath of the group, stands out as the most fun to watch and original character of summer 2014.

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