The Rest of that Thanksgiving Post

Here we are on December 22nd, nearly Christmas, and you’ve yet to hear about those eight other anime which were mentioned back in the “Happy Yankee Thanksgiving” post!  Well, my dear readers have waited long enough.  Without further ado, here they are:

1) Patlabor

Through the encouragement of a good friend who is also a big fan of this anime, I decided to give Patlabor a try.  This lighthearted anime still manages to provide some great combat, suspense, and intrigue.  It also helps that the characters are very likeable.  I haven’t formulated a full opinion of Patlabor yet, but I can guarantee that it’s fun. (Hidive)

2) Ranma 1/2

Many fans of Rumiko Takahashi consider Ranma 1/2 to be her best work–others say Urusei Yatsura, and yet others Inuyasha.  (A friend of mine theorizes that it depends on which one saw first.  Inuyasha is the one for me.)  Ranma 1/2 will appeal especially to those who love martial arts comedy.  After over 60 episodes, I don’t feel bored of it yet. (Hulu, Vudu)

3) Real Girl

Here’s one of those rare romantic comedies I sometimes watch.  The similarity of Tsutsui’s personality to mine back in high school probably drew me in.  (I like to think that I’m kinder these days.)  This story about an otaku romance will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.  The one drawback lies in how the show becomes more serious as it progresses, and I find it hard to finish. (Hidive)

4) Redline ★★★

Cars and racing tend not to interest me that much, but this movie was recommended to me by a lot of people.  Redline features a good story, great animation, and a hero you must root for.  How vulgar some alien and human characters are annoys me such that I can’t imagine watching this again.  The occasional nudity will likely bother some viewers too.  Though, it must be confessed that Sonoshee stands as one of the most lovingly animated heroines of all time. (Amazon, Tubi TV)

5) Rinne ★★★

Takahashi anime withdrawal led me to pick up watching Rinne.  (Considering how often she’s been mentioned in this post and the last one, you may assume this happens frequently.)  Rinne is not as derivative as I feared it would be.  We follow a poor shinigami named Rinne in his adventures exorcising ghosts and spirits.  This anime is fun with a vein of dry humor running throughout, but it can’t rank against her better work. (Hulu)

6) Rozen Maiden ★★★ 1/2

While unique, I can’t rate Rozen Maiden as an anime classic.  A master craftsman creates several ensouled dolls in order to assuage the grief of losing his daughter.  He hopes that one of them will become as perfect as his deceased daughter Alice.  The good dolls fall into the possession of a hapless hikkikomori, who becomes involved in their “Alice game” against a twisted doll who wants to suck the life out of her sisters.  Very unique, this tale entertained me from start to finish. (Hidive)

7) Shigofumi

Shigofumi shares its writer with Code Geass: Ichirou Oukouchi.  That fact drove me to watch Shigofumi, and I have not been disappointed in the least.  The central plot device concerns messengers who send a last letter from the dead to a living person.  This set up and the dark animation create a psychological drama reminiscent of Hell Girl.  It’s too bad that very few bloggers have commented on it. (Hidive)

8) Tide Line Blue ★★★

It’s hard for me to resist a submarine story–even one packed with environmental, UN, and pacifist propaganda.  That said, most of the story elements in Tide Line Blue are well crafted–the exceptions being how slowly the plot sometimes unrolls and the dunderheaded protagonist, Keel.  (I like the random ostrich they threw into the story more than that dope.)  The other characters tend to be very likable, and the undersea combat–the main reason to watch a sub story–was awesome. (Tubi TV)

Some of the above titles strike me as probably being rather obscure–especially for newer anime fans.  Have my dear readers watched any of the anime above?

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  1. doomwhite says:

    What are those “★”?


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