How The Hell Does The Rising of the Shield Hero Support Slavery?

I think this is a very nice post about Shield Hero and the Slavery controversy. 100% accurate to the actual messages the show presents.

Unnecessary exclamation mark!

We’re more than halfway through The Rising of the Shield Hero, and two things have been consistent: the quality of Kevin Penkin’s incredible soundtrack for the show, and the outrage of many Western anime fans, bloggers and critics over the story’s ‘controversial’ elements. From the first episode alone, many denounced the series for its use of a false rape accusation to establish it’s central conflict, claiming this to be outright misogynistic or simply in poor taste in the wake of ‘#MeToo’ activism. But beyond that initial furor, another outcry has been consistently present on social media.

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3 comments on “How The Hell Does The Rising of the Shield Hero Support Slavery?

  1. I can see the insecurity over not being able to properly deal with slavery when people virtue-signal over such things happening seemingly close to them, which seems so thanks to our storytelling and media we humans made and popularized giving us that maddeningly simultaneous presentation of hyperrealistic distance and closeness to sin. I think that’s a common reaction, considering my experiences back when I came face to face with discussions of complicated social issues, but it’s still not something to be condoned. Recently, I’ve realized that insecurity is more blindness to our ability to do good, and like everything else, it’s a problem we can overcome only with our dear loving God’s help and not just us humans’ only. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been finding people like anti-death penalty supporters and mental health advocates usually questionable despite their fascinating ideals, as I’ve also come to realize that they aren’t even pushing the envelope with regards to the people they claim are deserving of a second chance and better treatment. I mean, if they would just curse their detractors and won’t fully follow through with their honorable ideals, then might as well go the other way and participate in deciding who gets to be punished with death and left to rot, yeah? But anyway, if we’re worried about finding suffering in both good and bad paths, we should remember how Our Lord Jesus saved us all. Not even being treated like a cursed slave and killed for His non-existent sins can stop He who is Love from giving us a chance to come back to Him. It’s only us who hold ourselves back from reaching true salvation.

    Also, I still haven’t watched Shield Hero, nor am I likely to watch it anytime soon. Judging from the analyses and feedback I’ve learned about, the themes and how they’re tackled certainly are interesting and important, but if it were me working the writing there, I’d end up trying to make it more humorous and optimistic, for better or worse. In short, I have poppier leanings, I guess. God Almighty keep on helping us all.

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    • Yes, history is very complicated. I think that there is a drive among certain historians to paint some people as villains and others as heroes by neglecting the virtues of the former and the vices of the latter. People are usually very complex, and there are few who can be painted as the worst of villains or as a saint. The best thing to do in regard to the past is to learn as much as possible about it so that one can understand the motives for the decisions those people made. You might say that our contemporaries suffer from idealism untempered by the demands of reality.

      It is definitely only ourselves who hold ourselves back from salvation in Christ; though, it is very important that we do our part for the salvation of sinners. A wall of pride shields the hearts of sinners from divine grace. No amount of argumentation can break this wall. We must offer our prayers, penance, and fasting to Christ through Mary so that sinners might return to God.

      Shield Hero does look at the darker side of human nature, but it offered a path of redemption–especially for the hero. I found it to be one of my favorite anime from the past season. With so much anime available, I can understand why someone might put it off.

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      • I guess this is where faith comes in, then, ’cause without God, we’d end up worshipping our fellow foolish human beings and then the Devil leading us on. With God, even suffering, which will never be inherently good, can bring us salvation somehow, yeah?

        Speaking of which, I do like thinking about sin and grace, which should make me more interested in Shield Hero along with its sociopolitical themes, but considering how I still have a hard time thinking about watching it, I guess my interests are more inclined towards lighter and brighter approaches. I mean, I can watch and show shadows, but I also like to remember that there’s a light casting/exposing/illuminating them.

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