2 comments on “Reblog: Dororo and Child Sacrifice–Ancient and Modern

  1. I am very fond of this anime, especially Tahomaru’s character. Mutsu’s sacrifice is also great! Who is your favourite character in this anime? I like Daigo too, because deep down, he has a nice side. People just don’t see it.

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    • Mutsu was definitely one of my favorite characters, but I have to give first place to Hyakkimaru. It’s pretty rare for me to have a main character as my favorite, but I very much enjoy this kind of story. There are at least two other ideas for posts brewing in my mind. Hopefully I get to write them soon.

      Daigo falls into a trap that many people fall into. You can say that the prosperity of his people is at least a secondary motivation for him sacrificing Hyakkimaru. When people want to accomplish a good end, a bad way to accomplish this good end often pops into mind which seems more sure than a good means. E.g. You want to convert pagans to Christianity. Using governmental and military coercion seems far more sure in getting them to convert; however, one should use the slower and more righteous means of missionary work and catechisis. There are countless other examples I could list where people are seduced by a quick and dirty method over the right one, and Daigo is very human to fall into that trap. Lady Daigo is almost superhuman in insisting on prayer over force, and, miraculously, she obtains the salvation of Hyakkimaru by prayer.

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