Skip the Summer Season!

This judgment of mine is coming a little late, but here goes.  Yours truly has been browsing through the 2018 Summer Anime Chart and reading the opinions of various bloggers.  At this point, I can honestly say that Summer 2018 looks like the worst anime season I have seen in a long time.  The only show that piqued my interest was Dies Irae: To the Ring Reincarnation, because I wonder whether they can salvage the anime from the train wreck of the original season (★★).  The best news about this summer is that certain good anime from the previous season are carrying over into this one, like Isekai Izakaya.*


I can’t think of a better opportunity for catching up with one’s backlog.  Surely, you have some anime you’ve placed on the back-burner.  (From casually browsing Anime-Planet, my Want to Watch list numbers 361 titles!)  Now is the time to watch these shows.  Anime is more than the year 2018 after all!  This year counts as the hundred and first anniversary of anime, which began with Namakura-Gatana (1917), which means there’s more anime than the average fan can watch in a lifetime.

Allan Quartermain

So, just what will Medieval Otaku be watching?  First, I need to stop reading the Allan Quartermain series long enough to finish off Spring 2018 and review those shows.  (I have only just discovered H. Rider Haggard’s works this year, which offer both great adventures and a fascinating portrait of early 19th century South Africa.)  Then, I have a four new anime I want to watch and two which I want to revisit.  Here they are:

Miyu Larva

1) Vampire Princess Miyu TV (1997-98)

I had the pleasure of watching the Vampire Princess Miyu OVA a while back.  The OVA has some virtues over the TV series, such as better animation and a more inhuman protagonist.  (Some fans like their vampires–even the good ones–to play by a very different set of rules than the rest of us.)  But, the TV series excels the OVA in terms of plot, character, and how effective the horror is.  By effective horror, I don’t mean jump scares or emotional terror but awe at the truly horrible ends certain characters meet.


At present, I’ve only watched five episodes, but I can’t wait to see the rest of the anime, which fans consider one of the classics of horror anime.  It also made the pages of Anime Classics Zettai, a work I recommend to everyone with an interest in older anime.

Mosquiton 4

2) Master of Mosquiton 99 (1997-98)

As you see, I intend to spoil myself with nineties anime.  It might not be the decade with the most classics, but I love 90’s style animation more than any other period.

Mosquiton 7

As for Master of Mosquiton 99, I have not yet made much progress, but I like what I see so far from this comedic, vampire adventure.  This anime can be difficult to get.  YouTube offers versions with English, Spanish, and Italian subtitles.  You can also watch it via Torrent–if you have some savvy with that.

Generator Gawl

3) Generator Gawl (1998)

I’ve seen the coming attractions for this on many of my old DVDs.  So, I want to give it a shot.  You may find it in the same places as Master of Mosquiton 99.

Banner of the Stars III

4) Banner of the Stars III (2005)

If you like science fiction anime and have not seen Crest of the Stars or Banner of the Stars, what are you doing with your life?  I’m not even particularly a fan of this genre, but I love this classic anime series.  Sadly, DVDs within this franchise have become hard to find or exorbitantly expensive.  Torrenting might be the only practical way for fans in 2018 to enjoy it.


5) Geneshaft (2001)

This science fiction show has an interesting premise.  Men are deemed to be the source of all the world’s problems.  So, governments genetically control the population so that the ratio of women to men becomes 7:1–or was it 8:1?  At any rate, men would have been dispensed with completely were it not for their superior decision making faculties.  (I only reference the show’s reasoning; though, we all know imprudent men and prudent women.)  I watched this utopian anime a long time ago, and I wonder how I’ll see it now.

Bantorra 1

There’s our Miss Fanservice on the right, though Bantorra does not go light on fanservice.

6) The Book of Bantorra (2009-10)

This is a real treat for lovers of dark fantasy.  As of now, it’s just fallen out of my top ten anime.  But, I greatly enjoyed this anime, and now seems like an excellent time to revisit it.

Bantorra 2

Recognize this shot from anywhere?

How are my dear readers spending summer 2018?  Do you actually like the anime released this summer?  Or, are you likewise seeing it as an opportunity to decrease your backlog?

*EDIT: Steins; Gate 0 also deserves an honorable mention.

15 comments on “Skip the Summer Season!

  1. MIB says:

    This season isn’t perfect but you are missing out on some great shows, although it does depend on your mileage towards certain genres.

    I’m currently enjoying a comedy called Cells At Work about the inner workings of the human body with all of the imagined as little people. For slightly bawdier fare, there is the outrageous frat silliness of Grand Blue Dreaming and the wickedly subversive Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro.

    Banana Fish is proving an intriguing crime drama, plus Attack On Titan season 3 is finally here, along with the third season of Free is you liked that sort of thing.

    So it’s not all that bad for this season. 😉

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    • You know, Cells at Work is a lot of fun. I tried it after reading your suggestion, and the anime didn’t fumble after three episodes. Thank you for that recommendation!

      The others don’t really grab me that much. So, Summer 2018 is still not my cup of tea. But, there’s always next season!


  2. moyatori says:

    I have never actually heard of the Book of Bantorra. It has some pretty high ratings on MAL too, so I’m surprised I never see it discussed. Hmm…looks like I’ve got myself a new anime to put on the TBW list.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I always find it hilarious that, whenever a site has automatic text replacement, “IDOLM@STERS” becomes “[email protected]”. I guess the producers never thought about that when they invented the name.

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  4. Kai says:

    Other than just a few moe anime here and there (well, just 2, lol), I’m not watching a lot either. I can however, wholeheartedly recommend Yama no Susume S3 (weirdly enough, it’s not in the chart you linked). You probably need to catch up with the previous seasons if you never seen them though, lol.

    I’ve been thinking of getting into the 90s anime more too actually. Atm, I only got You’re Under Arrest on my radar. I will probably look for more once I get some of these titles in my backlog over and done with first.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll have to look into Yama no Susume. In regard to You’re Under Arrest, I’ll admit that I’m a huge fan of that franchise. I own the complete first season, the second season, the third season, and YUA the movie. The first season is clearly the best, while the next two are fun, but don’t compare. It helps that the characters are all very lovable.


  5. Since I’m here now, I’ll plug Planet With. It may actually manage to say something against the left’s rationalism – and it’s pretty funny.

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  6. […] something up about what I’m up to.  If you recall, most of my current watch list consists of old anime on my backlog.  I did make an exception for Cells At Work, which was recommended by MIB of MIB’s Instant […]


  7. Yankee Doodle says:

    Other than “Cells” I was enjoying “Asobi Asobase” this summer, its good if you like goofy comedy.

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