Tu-tu-ru! Okarin and Mayuri’s Better-Than-Romance Friendship

Beneath the Tangles

If I learned anything from anime, it’s that a childhood friendship is basically an invitation to future romance. This is a truth gathered from Love Hina, Skip Beat, Nisekoi, and…just about every other anime in which there’s a road toward such a relationship.  But in the Steins;gate anime series, things work a little differently. While it’s true that the childhood friend doesn’t always end up with the MC (see most of the above examples), Steins;gate goes one further: there’s barely a even a hint of romance between Okarin and Mayuri; the focus instead is on a relationship often neglected in anime: friendship between the sexes.

And the special relationship between Okarin and Mayuri is expressed in Steins;gate… as much as the original (spoilers ahead). Mayuri is always on Okarin’s mind. He values his other friends immensely, too, but Mayuri is on a different level. In…

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2 comments on “Tu-tu-ru! Okarin and Mayuri’s Better-Than-Romance Friendship

  1. Well written. That’s definitely one of the things I liked about Steins;Gate. It was very hard to stomach at first, but the way the story takes a 180 makes grinding through the first half totally worth it and gives Okarin some of the best character development in any modern anime.

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    • Okarin definitely went through one of the most grueling experiences of any anime character. The middle, where he strives to overcome the evils caused by his meddling in the past, adds much needed gravitas to this tale based on every conspiracy theory one can find on the internet.

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