Voting on Ten Movies to 500 Anime

About every two years I add one hundred anime to my Watched list.  (Not too impressive when you consider that shorts, OVAs, and movies also count as separate titles and that I stay away from series with over twenty-six episodes.)  Also, as usual every two years, I want to let my dear readers vote upon what I watch to finish out this new hundred.  Since I ran into Ex-Driver and Submarine 707 Revolution the Movie at my local 2nd and Charles bookstore, you will get to vote on eight of the last ten.  (I think of 2nd and Charles as an earthly paradise of sorts.  Book, manga, and anime lovers who live nearby such a store know what I mean.)  Below is a list of thirty-two movies from my Want to Watch list arranged by production date, please select eight choices.  I intend to review each and every movie in the final lineup.

Thanks for your input on which movies will be in the new series of posts!  Be sure to pass the poll onto your friends so that they can throw in their two cents also.  The poll will remain active through January 23rd.  If a group of movies require a tie breaking vote, I’ll hold another such poll afterwards.  Thanks again!

EDIT: I notice that one title did not come out properly in the poll.  Where you see “(2015),” it ought to read “<Harmony> (2015).”


13 comments on “Voting on Ten Movies to 500 Anime

  1. Gaheret says:

    I´m afraid I haven´t watched any single one of them except for The Boy and the Beast. It seems I´ve still a long way to go until I achieve the title of otaku…


  2. TWWK says:

    Oh, In This Corner of the World getting some love! YESSSSS.

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  3. Don says:

    Um, that’s Girls und Panzer, with a “z.”

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  4. negativeprimes says:

    Snow White with the Red Hair is excellent. For some reason both seasons are separated on your list, so if you watch the whole series you can check off two entries. 🙂

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    • I have been thinking of watching that for a while now. Snow White with the Red Hair has received some great reviews.

      Anime-Planet sometimes counts each cour as a separate anime now. I think that they started that in 2016. It can inflate the watch list a little, but I won’t complain about that. 🙂

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  5. MIB says:

    Can’t believe you’ve not seen “Grave Of The Fireflies” – it’s a rite of passage for anime fans to be mortally distressed by this film! 😛

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  6. steelbound says:

    Barely made it in time. Looking at the likely top 8, you’ll have a lot of good anime to watch.

    If you weren’t going to blog about it, I would have suggested skipping “Grave of the Fireflies”. It’s so completely over-the-top bleak that I think there’s little good that comes from watching it. “In this Corner of the World” touches on many of the same themes while still finding ways to weave in a bit of hope, happiness, and humor. I think it’s the superior work of the two.

    A Silent Voice is such a feast for the eyes and the mind. I watched it about three weeks ago and I still find myself turning it over in my mind. KyoAni’s character animation is a step above everyone else and here it infuses A Silent Voice with a sense of realism that makes the story really hit hard.

    It looks like the only movie I voted for that’s not going to make the cut is Redline. You should try to watch it at some point in the future. The story is really only average but the animation is gorgeous and the characters are so lovably over-the-top.

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    • Thanks for your input! I am very much looking forward to watching these. Grave of the Fireflies will be very bleak, and I have put it off for that reason. I’ll probably be constantly reminding myself while watching the film that bombing Japan into submission was actually more human than a land invasion would have been. I wonder whether I should watch it before or after In this Corner of the World?

      I read the manga of A Silent Voice a couple of years ago and was very impressed by how well the mangaka captured the psychology of children that age. With so many people voting for me to watch it, I hope that the movie lives up to the manga.

      I definitely will take up your recommendation to watch Redline. I tend to avoid anime with a focus on racing, but Redline has gotten many positive reviews.


  7. […] hearty thanks go out to everyone who voted in the poll in order to pick out what movies I’ll be watching.  As of yesterday morning, these eight […]


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