Happy Thanksgiving and a New Feature

Bungo SD XII

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Or, minna, Kanshasai omedetou gozaimasu!   Don’t fail to be grateful to God for your life, faith, family, friends, feasting, gifts, talents, virtues, intellect, grace, health, country, possessions, and all good things which come from our Heavenly Father.

GE 13

Be grateful that you’re not a character in Galaxy Express 999.

National Blog Posting Month has almost gone, and this blog has a most unfortunate gap of over ten days since my last post.  A combination of tiredness and stress has had the effect of giving me writer’s block.  At the same time, much of the fault may be laid to sloth and procrastination.  I want to post more often instead of gathering wool.

RT 9

To that end, I’ve added an “Ask Medieval” page where my dear readers can ask me about a variety of topics related to what I cover or have covered on this blog.  You know the kinds of things which I’m likely to have a valid or interesting opinion about.  No question is stupid unless it’s frivolous.  You might inspire a separate post or find your query on a list of other ones answered in the same post.

Usagi to Tofu

The page is located under the “About Me and This Blog” page above.  Simply hover over that option, and a menu including “Anime for Christians,” “Ask Medieval,” and “My Fifty Favorite Anime Series” should drop down.

I look forward to your questions, and, once again, Happy Thanksgiving!


3 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving and a New Feature

  1. Aggelos says:

    Medieval,your new feature is interesting.

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  2. Luminas says:

    This looks exciting, Medieval! : D Let’s see what I’ve got that immediately comes to mind. I can’t seem to find the “Ask Medieval” link on the page, however. Can you show me where it is?

    As for the questions…

    (1). You have a particular and pronounced interest in a saint known as Padre Pio, who appeared to have performed miracles and had apparent stigmata. Why him of all the Catholic saints there have been in particular? I’d like to hear more about your take on him. Similarly, your posts on Joan of Arc were very interesting (but I understand more of that subject than on Padre Pio).

    (2). You seem to have an interesting take on women and gender, different than most of the Christian commentators I’ve seen. More traditionalist, I would guess. Being a woman myself (by birth and by general state of mind), but not of the type or variety that vehemently despises another for their perspective, I’ve always been curious about hearing about this in depth.

    I am blessed to be friends with a great variety of people, many of whom defy or distort the traditional understanding of sex/gender and gender roles. Therefore it is virtually impossible for me to be anything like a traditionalist, because that would be dictating what others in my life ought to be. Yet I myself choose to be feminine, and technically could be perfectly happy as a wife and mother, under different circumstances than these. So I am naturally curious about where others stand.

    I will bring in other questions once I find the feature and as they come to mind. :]

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    • Basically, the “Ask Medieval” page has “About Me and This Blog” as its parent page. So, if you hover your mouse over the link to “About Me” towards the top of the blog, the “Ask Medieval” page should pop up as the second option under the menu.

      I’d be happy to write a post with a brief description of my devotion to Padre Pio. In short, he’s simply the most amazing saint of the 20th century. Also, new information about him is very easy to find since he touched so many people’s lives–many of whom are still around.

      I’ll do my best to describe my ideas about womankind and gender. I am confident in saying there are two genders in French, two in Italian, three in Latin, three in English, and four in Polish. Two genders leads to far too much personification of inanimate objects, three is more accurate and less sentimental, and the Poles are crazy. 🙂

      On a more serious note, I’ll do my best to answer that question from my perspective. Thanks for asking!


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