Reblog: Latest Post on Beneath the Tangles

I wrote a rather detailed post about some themes I discerned in the Read or Die manga.  It’s now posted on Beneath the Tangles, and I hope to get back to posting twice a month on this wonderful site–the best anime blog for describing anime according to a Christian worldview.  May you enjoy the post linked to below!

Laws of the Flesh and the Spirit in R.O.D.

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2 comments on “Reblog: Latest Post on Beneath the Tangles

  1. Aggelos says:

    Well done Medieval. I like it.
    It’s very interesting about how the Japanese really work it out in
    the light novel process.I’m intrigued by this “secret”,if I say it right,
    (or sharp method)about how the author takes the original idea,
    works it out where he/she ultimately gives us a light novel series.
    The so many volumes of “The Guin Saga” by Kaoru Kurimoto,plus the so great Arslan Senki series,by Yosiki Tanaka are something thrilling.
    What a hard work,devotion by the one or other author!
    Not many authors have become that proficient.
    Spoiler:Tanaka is about to give us,probably in winter,the final volume of Arslan,this is where the whole series ends.

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    • Light novels can be great fun. Often, they are very light on content indeed. But, one has works like Crest of the Stars, Banner of the Stars, and Spice and Wolf, which are crammed with philosophical ideas.

      I really enjoyed the Guin Saga anime, but I could never imagine getting into a series with 141 volumes of material published! As a novelist myself, it seems wicked to milk a character’s story for that long without providing closure. (Yes, I’m not one for long series–most series deserve to be no longer than four volumes.) I might just check out Arslan Senki, though–fifteen volumes may be too much, but it’s not exorbitant.

      I wish that more volumes of Ichiro Sakaki’s work was translated into English. He’s a pretty interesting writer.


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