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MIB did the honor of tagging me in this little game.  Thanks!  Now, I have an excuse to talk about five anime girls I find attractive.  There are two ways to concoct a list like this: 1) a list based on raw physical appearance or 2) a list based on a combination of appearance and personality.  I have chosen the latter so as not to drive away the many female fans of this blog.  This particular game had its start in the blogs Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts, which are linked to below.

Sake 3

The creators probably intended for real persons to be named, but all of the movie stars I would name are well past their prime or deceased.  (I’m a huge fan of old movies.)  Also, my dear readers are likely more interested in anime characters than, say, classic stars of cinema like Sophia Loren.   Considering the wide range of personalities among anibloggers and that 82,380 female anime characters now exist according to Anime-Planet, these “top hotties” posts tend to be more interesting than one would initially think.  May my choices encourage you to check out some of the anime in which these heroines star!

NJS 10

Here are the rules:

  1. Mention the name of the blog you were tagged by, as well as the creators of this game  Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts, linking back to all blogs involved and including the picture above.
  2. List five of your greatest hotties from TV and/or film, i.e. crushes/objects of your affection, including musicians or sports stars too.
  3. Tell us how you were “introduced” to them and why you like them/what appeals.
  4. Add some appealing pictures.
  5. Tag seven bloggers for their Five Flaming Hotties.
  6. Post the rules.


1) Arcuieid Brunestud – Lunar Legend Tsukihime

While browsing for my next favorite vampire anime, I happened upon Lunar Legend Tsukihime and my favorite female character, Arcueid Brunestud.  Why do I like her so much?  Arcueid manages to be both cute and tough at the same time.  She has a refreshingly straightforward character without being overbearing.  I mentioned my love of this character once before in the ABC Awards post.

I really ought to play the visual novel.  My only experience is with the anime, and all the fans of the visual novel aver that the anime does not exist.  That is, that the anime is so subpar that it might as well not exist.


2) Mireille Bouquet

Noir used to be one of those classic anime one ought to watch.  It’s the first and best of the “Girls with Guns” trilogy directed by Koichi Mashimo.  Mireille, a gorgeous French blonde, stood as my favorite of the two heroines.  I loved her straightforwardness, loyalty, and sense of humor.  Also, what man doesn’t love a woman who knows how to shoot?

Raquel 1

3) Raquel Casull

Raquel Casull is the elder sister of the heroine of Scrapped Princess.  I decided to pick up this anime based on the favorable reviews in the sadly defunct Anime InsiderScrapped Princess has to count as the best anime adaptation from the works of Ichiro Sakaki, a novelist whom I hear is a household name in Japan.  Other works of his adapted into anime include Strait Jacket, Magician’s Academy, Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica, Code-E, Chaika the Coffin Princess, and Outbreak Company.

As for Raquel herself, she’s very cute, sensitive, and has a rather ditzy air which only serves to magnify her cuteness.  Yet, when the chips are down, she becomes remarkably sensible and even ruthless.  Pity the fool who tries to harm her dear ones!

Satella 2

4) Satella Harvenheit

My first introduction to Chrono Crusade came through browsing the shelves of the now bankrupt bookstore Borders.  (The Great Recession destroyed so many fine companies!)  I immediately hit upon Satella as my favorite character.  In the anime version, the performance of Tiffany Grant (also known for playing Asuka Langley Sohryu) did an excellent job of bringing this character to life.  Grant’s pronunciation of German is far better in Chrono Crusade than it ever was in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Anyway, I fell hard for this buxom redhead from the heart of Europe.  Besides earning many points for being a voluptuous redhead, I love how deeply she cares for the other characters in the show.  And, her backstory counts as one of the saddest and does much to humanize Satella’s character.

Sakurako-san hikari de

5) Sakurako Kujou

From reading other blogs, it seems like I loved Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru, aka Beautiful Bones – Sakurako’s Investigation, more than most.  A major reason for this no doubt comes down to how much I liked the main character.  She is amusingly eccentric and exudes an alluring aura of mystery.  She is also quite beautiful, though her standard outfit does not show her figure to its highest advantage.


Well, that was fun.  Now, let me think of seven people who might want to participate in this.  Please forgive me if I’ve tagged you before and you’ve told me that you don’t participate in these blog awards or round-robins.  My memory is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Here goes:

  1. Genkinahito
  2. iblessall of Mage in a Barrel
  3. Kai of Deluscar
  4. Lazarinth of Fantasy and Anime
  5. Gaikokumaniakku
  6. JekoJeko of UEM!
  7. Jusuchin of A Journey Through Life


31 comments on “TAG – Five Flaming Hotties

  1. jubilare says:

    I’d actually love to see a list of classic-movie ladies, but this is fun, too. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • I might. It just might get some more of my readers into classic films. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • jubilare says:

        It’s a good cause. I didn’t discover classic films, really, until a friend got me into them, and there’s a whole world of discovery unfolding! I’d love recommendations of some of your favorites.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Let’s see….Since you’ve given me permission to recommend you some favorites, I’ll go ahead and make a long list. 🙂

        1) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
        2) It’s a Wonderful Life
        3) High Noon
        4) Winchester ’73
        5) The Keys of the Kingdom
        6) The Fighting 69th
        7) From Hell to Eternity
        8) North by Northwest
        9) Arsenic and Old Lace
        10) White Heat
        11) On the Waterfront
        12) The Searchers
        13) Captain Blood
        14) The Prince and the Pauper (1937)
        15) The Road to Bali
        16) Bringing Up Baby
        17) The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao
        18) Charade
        19) Operation Petticoat
        20) The Charge of the Light Brigade

        I listed those off the top of my head. Not all are black and white, but I think that they all count as classics. I hope that you find some new titles! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • jubilare says:

        Fantastic! Thanks! I’ve seen about a third of them, but that gives me a good number of new ones to watch!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. MIB says:

    Thanks for responding. 🙂

    You’re not the only one to take the anime girl route, although I must confess I’ve not seen any of the shows mentioned.

    I’d be interested in your 3D classic actresses list too! 😉

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  3. Lazarinth says:

    Man, it’s been a while.


  4. Gaheret says:

    This is a perspective I usually don´t take with characters, but hey, it could be interesting. Let´s go. Of yours, I only know Mireille Bouquet, who is not my type.
    1) Janet Gaynor was really amazing in Murnau´s “Sunrise”, which remains my favorite film ever. I don´t think I can fully explain why, but she had this humility, mistery, courage, verity, beauty, strenght in the face of hardship yet fragility, hope against all hope… Plus, her character was called “The Woman”, which added sort of an universal quality to her.

    2) As a teen, I was struck by the joy, stubborness, kindness, creativity and thirst for justice of Leslie Burke, the character masterfully played by Annasophia Robb in “A bridge to Terabithia”, who was the same age as me then. She was like a living revolution, and I found her pretty, too. I´m not a teen anymore, but I still think I would like to marry a woman as free, as commited and as capable of wonder.

    3) Minori Kushieda from Toradora had the same sort of radiance, plus she was very complex, honest, athletic, active to the point of overburn, cunning, had a good sense of humor, lived freely, didn´t accept comfortable lies and faced all in a very moving way. She is one of my favorite characters ever.

    4) Nagisa Furukawa from Clannad, in turn, was sort of at the other side of the spectrum, a lot like miss Gaynor. She impressed me specially as and adult woman, when her true strenght was revealed by the hardships of life. Despite her fragile body and childish personality at the beggining, she silently became sort of the heart of the clan and united its members, she changed all around her, and had the sort of personality you only gradually get to know despite not having a facade. I really admire that sort of people.

    5) I´ve only recently watched Princess Tutu and never thought romantically about the heroines (they´re teens, too, and don´t have realistic human anatomies or anything), so I guess I´m cheating here, but as characters, Ahiru and Rue embody a lot of things I find really moving and attractive, as commitment paired with clumsiness (it´s really hard when everything feels as a joke), the ability of healing the wounds and attracting others to their true selves, true hope, sacrifice and love despite insecurity and the feeling of being “toxic”.

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    • I may have to check out Sunrise. I’ve never heard of that movie before, but if it’s your favorite, it must be great. On the other hand, I have bad memories of the novel Bridge to Terebithia. I remember it as the book which almost cured me of reading altogether. The movie might be better.

      Toradora and Clannad count as two anime everyone has seen except yours truly. I really ought to sit down and watch them at some point. And, I definitely agree about Rue. She’s an attractive brunette, and her tragic circumstances make her even more so.

      I’m glad that you enjoyed the post!

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  5. Ah, Arcueid! As far as I know about her and the visual novel she originates from, she’s basically an affably ditzy vampire with the power to drop the moon upon the earth, and Tsukihime is one older visual novel that’s also known for how gruesome it can get…and the romance side of it is also, um…hard to ignore. Also, Arcueid seems to have the same status as Saber of Fate/stay night (which, just like Tsukihime, is also by Type-MOON) in terms of being the official love interest to the protag dude. Oh, and Tsukihime’s protagonist dude, Shiki Tohno, is a different sort of broken, a sort of broken that involves more death, rage, and violence than Shirou Emiya’s self-deprecation, I think.

    Meanwhile, regarding my ideal type of woman, well…I seem to be readying for a jump to the ordinary lately. Like, the Mama Mary sort of ordinary, or more guiding light than blinding shine.

    Anyway, I find this sort of post unusual coming from you, but hey, after reading it, I don’t find it an unwelcome piece of strangeness. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have gotten the impression that the visual novel has more sex than the anime–anime based on visual novels tend to clean up the action quite a bit. That is a serious deterrent from me getting into visual novels in general; though many seem to avoid that kind of thing. I do tend to very much enjoy TYPE-MOON anime adaptations.

      I had to chuckle just a little bit at the phrase “Mama Mary sort of ordinary,” since–if you mean Mary, the Mother of God–you’re referring to the crowning glory of the human race. But, I understand what you mean: humble, meek, agreeable, holy, hardworking, pure, and all the other quiet virtues which everyone wants others to have but not themselves. Such a woman is hard to find!

      This kind of post is out of the ordinary for me, but I decided to be a good sport and participate in the game. And, it seems like my efforts to keep the words and images within the bounds of good taste worked. 🙂

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      • Speaking of Type-MOON and without-explicit-sexual-content versions of their visual novels, I know that only Fate/stay night has a such a version, one labeled “Realta Nua,” which is also the only version of the Fate/stay night VN that has voice acting in it. Still, do expect Sakura’s route, Heaven’s Feel, to be particularly heavy, which is why I’m not surprised that its animated adaptation is not going to be an episodic TV broadcast.

        And speaking of visual novels to check out, I recommend Clannad if you haven’t gone through the original VN yet. You can get a happy ending for the After Story there, too, but of course, it will take clearing multiple routes (and not just the routes of the girls Tomoya can romance there) before you can get there.

        As for women who remind me of Mama Mary, well…there’s my late paternal grandmother, I think. She was introverted, though, but she was one devout Catholic, even though she was married to a gruff leftist who had very hard times believing in God. That, and with her husband, she managed to raise nine kids well, even to the point of getting them finishing their college education as well!

        And indeed, I wish you more strength and worthwhile days yet again, Medieval!

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      • I’ll keep those visual novels in mind. Thank you for the recommendations!

        It sounds like you had an excellent grandmother. I also have a very devout grandmother who was very instrumental in helping to form my faith. No other education is more important than learning the Faith, and it is very impressive that your grandmother helped all her children through college–all nine!

        God bless!

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      • You’re welcome, and God bless you as well! \(^o^)

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  6. Kai says:

    As someone who only played the VN of Tsukihime, I have to ask — is the anime that bad? You sound like you enjoyed it though :p

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did very much enjoy this anime. It puts together a very tense and foreboding atmosphere. Though the plot is somewhat slow, I found the journey interesting enough to watch the series three times. But, I get the impression that people who have played the VN find the anime far inferior to the original.


  7. Genki Jason says:

    Thanks for tagging me.

    Great choices on Arcuieid Brunestud and Sakurako Kujou. Two differing personalities but both fun to be around. I enjoyed Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru and Subete ga F ni naru which both featured intelligent characters with difficult personalities and different world-views. The anime community didn’t coalesce around these two despite them being well-written shows with interesting characters. Nothing better than a fiercely intelligent woman.

    “Also, what man doesn’t love a woman who knows how to shoot?” Presumably, a man being shot at by a woman!


    • You’re welcome! Yes, both Sakurako-san no Ashimoto and Subete ge F in Naru are very idiosyncratic shows. Some of the characters in the latter frustrated me, but the interplay of the plot and various ideas–especially the villain essentially arguing for the idea of the Nietzschean ubermensch (uberfrau?) being above the law and societal norms–was very interesting.

      On the idea of a man being shot at not appreciating female marksmanship, I’d have to say that a great many men did not much care for Mireille. 🙂


  8. Sorry that I’ve been out of touch. I haven’t had much time to check blog comments. Hmm. I can think of five beauties off the top of my head, but I would want to post good pictures of them, so it might take me quite a while to respond.

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  9. Luminas says:

    Hehehe, I noticed this recently! ;D XD I’m not even male, but don’t mind if I throw in my two cents. I technically go both ways, and what I find the most beautiful notably is a person of ambiguous gender (presenting as a “beautiful man” with a deep authoritative voice). So without further ado:

    (1). Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Too many reasons to list, many of which are deeply personal. That, and just look at her appearance. :333

    (2). Satsukl Kiryuin from Kill la Kill. You may not be a huge fan of the show’s abrasive philosophies, but I can’t help but adore this woman. She’s sort of like a “master version” of Caitlin, someone who’s very close to me. Beautiful long-flowing black hair, a person who’s been at once broken down and grown stronger out of abuse and trauma, a person who stands proud under the weight of the world and never accepts compromises on morality.

    (3). Olivier Armstrong of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Again, she was probably picked because of a strong character resemblance to someone I know, but a different person this time. Powerful, cold yet with a warm center, secure in her position, fun to watch. :]

    (4). Ahiru and Rue of Princess Tutu fame are favorites of mine, too. Watching Rue’s arc actually caused me to have a brief existential crisis, and I feel that’s the sign of an excellently drawn character.

    (5). Juliet from Romeo X Juliet. I don’t know whether I want to be Juliet or Romeo. <____> ❤ Either way the Red Whirlwind is love. The Red Whirlwind is life. ^^

    ….Then there are the anime villain ladies who so perfectly match who they seem to be intended to mimic that I virtually can't help but be attracted to them…but I always feel horribly guilty about this. XD The problem is largely that they're actually *more* effective than the male examples, by virtue of the creators being willing to go even more flamboyant and flat-out sadistic and cruel with the women than the men. Junko Enoshima, Maestro Delphine, Kiryuin Ragyo, Medusa.

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    • Hi, Luminas! You remind me that I really need to watch Revolutionary Girl Utena. It’s one of the classics I have not yet got around to–that, and the Brotherhood version of Fullmetal Alchemist.

      Kill la Kill actually grew one me quite a bit. Outside of Leiji Matsumoto’s works, I think that I’ve blogged more about that Kill la Kill than anything else. Though my initial reaction in “Defensio Pudoris” was quite negative, I ended up loving the show. Satsuki makes for the most complex character in the show, and Ragyo is definitely up there with Maestro Delphine among the most evil female anime characters.

      As for beautiful and evil female characters–beautiful and damned, you might say–my favorite will always be Esdeath of Akame ga Kiru. Definitely someone to admire from afar. 🙂 But, villains are often more interesting than the heroes. That was especially the case with Mr. Sato in Ajin.

      I’m happy that another person has seen Romeo x Juliet. That anime has gone under many people’s radars, but it was a well done twist on a familiar story.


      • Luminas says:

        The interesting thing about Ragyo and Maestro Delphine is….it’s not just that they’re both evil. It’s that they look and act strikingly similar to one another. It’s as if somebody had a very vague description of only what someone *acted like,* and then drew both characters from there. Kefka and Myotismon are strikingly similar, but male. And Junko is physically different, but psychologically identical. So…my completely unprovable suspicion is that’s literally what happened. That is what they’re doing. Although they probably don’t intend to do it. The Bible doesn’t say a lot about what the Devil “acts like,” instead choosing to focus on giving constructive advice on how to combat what the Devil *does.* Yet nonetheless…doesn’t it seem sometimes that it didn’t need to, because we all already know? If lies are his means of communication, so to speak, and fictional stories *are* lies…..then actually he’s been remarkably blunt and straightforward.

        If the Bible is a masterwork, the most beautiful thing the world affords, one seminal volume inspired and written by a glorious author, and it’s designed to portray God’s character and intent…Satan expresses his own character and intent like….a meme. You can’t pin down *one* source, and all of them are an even admixture of truth and lies. Instead it’s….thousands. All playing off of and inspiring and bleeding into one another, with some stronger or weaker in their association than others. Prince of the air-waves, rather. He loves to hear himself “talk.”

        Granted, this doesn’t just describe him— He just seems to “make use of it” much more frequently. Many tropes in fiction bear at least some resemblance to what we know about the seminal archangels in the Bible. And similarly, “Christ figures” are called that for a reason. The human unconscious strikes me as having something of a relation to the Divine, the unnatural…and it’s when we forget this that stories lose their old-fashioned resonance and salience. The more distant we get from the morals and things that matter, the less the show in question actually matters to us. This is why C.S. Lewis remarked on the power that is in fairy tales. It’s also why I’ve never quite gotten the need for “three-dimensional characters” or “shades of grey.”

        Black and white, knighthood and honor and chivalry, cruelty and sadism and vengeance…these have always possessed a great deal more depth than anyone grants them.

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      • I’d say what drives the worst villains is pride, envy, or a combination of the two. I see Ragyo and Delphine as more driven by pride, while Junko is more motivated by envy. These two vices are frequently joined. You’ll note that the devil is basically the epitome of both: he arrogates himself above God and intensely wishes for humankind to be tortured in hell for all eternity. Curiously, pride and envy are the most common and even mundane of the vices, but they are terrifying when taken to their extremes. The scale of pride covers the mechanic who thinks he has nothing left to learn to Adolf Hitler’s pretension of a master race. The scale of envy ranges from the homeowner envious of his neighbor’s lawn to Josef Stalin’s wish to enslave everyone body and mind.

        Junko, Ragyo, and Delphine are very similar in the same way as Hitler and Stalin are very similar: there are fewer varieties of evil than goodness. (Hence why the Ten Commandments tend to forbid rather than command an action: the Third and Fourth commandments are the hardest to fulfill because they give no limit. How did Christ honor His mother? By making her Queen of the Universe.) Some people have stated the reverse: that vice is more interesting than virtue. Yet, it’s not that vice is more interesting than virtue but that vicious people are more interesting than well-behaved people. People who never cease from being well-behaved in any and all occasions are probably cowards: in the Aristotelian sense, the epithet vicious applies to them as equally as to bandits.

        The devil is even more boring than a vice-ridden man. How does the devil act? By analyzing a person’s weak points and tempting the person to self-destruct according to these weak points. The only thing which encourages the devil to be in any way subtle is when confronting a man habitually virtuous–such as when St. John Vianney was tempted to retire for good in a monastery to pray and to repent of his sins. A good thing, but worse than Vianney’s work as a parish priest!

        Or, look at Christ’s temptation in the desert. Christ, as God, can do whatever he wants. Is there anything intrinsically evil in God turning stones into bread? No, God made bread fall down from heaven and water burst from a stone for the Israelites. But, the devil tempted Christ to change stones into bread for His own sake, which would be selfish. What is intrinsically wrong with God being caught by angels lest he fall to the ground? Nothing, except the devil tempts Christ to do it for Christ’s own aggrandizement. Is not God ruler of the universe and everything in it? Yes, but the devil essentially wants Christ to rule by means of the devil’s methods. And so, Christ drives Satan away.

        Yes, there is something in man which reflects the divine: man was created in God’s image and likeness. At the same time, man is matter and spirit, which makes things messy. The angels were also created in God’s image and likeness with an “in via” period where they could choose God or not. As pure intellectual spirits on the brink of eternity, the angels only needed one moment to choose for or against God and to decide their eternal destiny. Human beings need millions and millions of moments and second chances!

        Human beings tend not to be able solely to live for spiritual things, but must often compromise to some extent. Very few can live lives of prayer and penance as ascetic hermits. Even these need to take breaks for food and the necessities of life. Because we live in a body and in time, many choices human beings make are not simple and clean. Sometimes, people act as if the ends justify the means. Occasionally, the ends do justify the means (dropping the atomic bomb on Japan saved millions of lives), but how often do people err (the bishops who declined to turn over sexual predators to the police in order to save the Church’s image)! On rare occasions, people see the means as so absolute as to ignore a legitimate end (refusing to defend one’s country because killing people is usually a grave evil). Such things do add a certain amount of grey to a human being’s life—even though an angel could perceive the right course of action in an instant.

        I definitely agree with you on black and white, honor, knighthood, cruelty, vengeance, etc. having a lot of depth. That’s what gives fiction an inexhaustible vitality. Thanks for your comment, Luminas!

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  10. The Otaku Judge says:

    Nice selection of lesser known anime ladies. From your list I am a fan of Satella and Sakurako.

    Liked by 1 person

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