Anime to Tryout for Fall 2017

Nine shows strike me as promising this season.  Two of these, Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond and Kino no Tabi, derive from original shows I rather enjoyed.  I’ve yet to write an article on the original Kino’s Journey, an immersive and introspective work.  On the other hand, Blood Blockade Battlefront inspired one article.  Naturally, the main motivation for me watching the sequels lies in how much I enjoyed the originals.  The seven other shows which caught my eye will be described below.

CR 1

1) Code Realize: Sousei no Himegimi (aka Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth)

The plot concerns a young lady named Cardia who is afflicted with the curse of poisoning whatever she touches.  Naturally, she is shunned by society.  Yet, Arsène Lupin–the original, i.e. the grandfather of Lupin the Third–decides to lead her out of her seclusion into turn of the 20th century London on a journey of discovery.

The simple premise and the superabundance of bishounen would normally cause me not to give this show a second glance.  (In the case of The Royal Tutor, I am very happy that I took that second glance.)  However, I love stories set in this era of history and Maurice LeBlanc’s master thief.  The original Arsène Lupin novels are a joy to read, and many have fallen into the public domain.  Even if this anime fails to interest you, by all means read LeBlanc’s novel, 813.

DI 1

2) Dies Irae

I haven’t pinned down what this is really about.  From the trailer, this appears to be a supernatural fantasy anime involving the main character’s nightmares of being guillotined, German nobles, and Nazis.  A visual novel appears to have inspired the anime version.  My main motivations for watching it are the Latin title (translates to “Day of Wrath,” which refers to the Last Judgment) and curiosity over what the plot entails.

HnK 1

3) Houseki no Kuni

This anime concerns some people bestowed with the power of various gems (Or, are the people gems themselves?), who use this power to fight invading moon people.  CG-style anime have been getting much better of late, especially as we saw in Ajin.  So, I’m curious to see whether compelling anime will more frequently use this style of animation.  As long as the first episode proves intriguing, it has a good chance of ending up in my watch list.

NnS 1.jpg

4) Neto-juu no Susumi

This concerns a 30 year old single woman who has turned NEET in order to seek a more profound manner of existence.  In the process of this, she becomes embroiled in an online game, and the anime follows her progress both on the net and in the real world.

This kind of plot would not usually grab me, but the Russians in the anime promo sounded so enthusiastic that this otaku feels as though he owes it to them to watch episode one.  (Yes, I watched the Russian promo of the show–it was the first result on YouTube!)  It’s sort of like how an aggressive restaurateur can convince a wavering passerby to eat at his place.


5) Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte Kara

I am just about certain to watch this show.  Yours truly has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails–so much so that my theoretical knowledge far outstrips my experience.  (A good thing, but very odd all the same.)

This particular anime is about cocktails and how the heroine transforms into a different person under the influence of her husband’s masterful concoctions.  The anime sounds like a mix of BartenderDanna ga Wakaranai, and Wakako-zake.  All of which I quite enjoyed.  In the case of Bartender, I’m referring to the manga rather than the anime.

SnA 1

6) Shoukoku no Altair

I recognized this title as one manga which I really wanted to love.  However, it struck me as rather boring.  I’m curious to see whether the anime version will come out better–as was the case with Yona of the Dawn.  It’s not often that the Ottoman Empire is used as a setting for an anime.


7) Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko

This strikes me as an interesting cross between Sora no Woto and Kino’s Journey.  I can deal with at least one moe show this season!  Post-apocalyptic shows and snowy settings are always pluses in my book.  The show deals with the survival of two girls wearing military garb across a snowy landscape.

Which shows are my dear readers looking forward to?



2 comments on “Anime to Tryout for Fall 2017

  1. Don says:

    There are three fall series on my watch list at the moment, which is three more than usual: Kino’s Journey, Hozuki no Reitetsu and The Ancient Magus’ Bride. Usually I decide what to watch by viewing first episodes as they become available. If I make it all the way through an episode without yawning, gagging or yelling at idiot characters, I’ll give the show a chance. Some seasons I end up with nothing.

    If Kino is popular, I hope it will lead to the books getting a proper English translation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kino’s Journey might just be the favorite this season, but we’ll see. Many people might be deterred from watching it because they have not seen the original.

      I’m the same when it comes to picking which anime to watch from a new season. The first episode has to interest me in some fashion before I go on to the next. (The three episode try seems to be a waste of time for me.) I expect to cut at least four shows from the list above.


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