9 comments on “7 Fantasy Anime for Those Sick and Tired of Game Mechanics!

  1. yukinocake says:

    It was fine at first until suddenly there are a bunch of anime similar to SAO started airing.

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  2. Paul Dang says:

    Record of Lodoss War was one of the first anime I got into, besides Gundam Wing, Cowboy Bebop, and others. It still remains one of my favorites! The story of a boy pushing against all the odds is so inspiring for me


  3. Aggelos says:

    It’s a Great list,because the Lodoss Wars,Zero No Tsukaima,and Shingeki No Bahamut are in.
    In fact the photo with the dual scene where Saito,the peasant,the deemed looser,proves him self worthy for combat it’s cool.Unexpectedly,there he defeats the noble Guiche.The anime worths so much due to Agnes as well.Yes,the likeable musketeer leader!
    Thanks Medieval.

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    • You’re welcome! I thought that it was a great list with some of my old favorites. Zero no Tsukaima is a very cute and hilarious fantasy anime. Two more seasons (or was it three?) followed, but the first is still my favorite.


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