Moments of Crazy Anime Originality

We all got into anime because of the unique stories and scenarios offered by the medium.  Still, moments of originality become harder to come across the more anime one watches.  I just came across one of these moments of originality while watching Heavy Object of all things.  This is the series that nearly drove iblessall mad with how ridiculous it was.  The first five episodes are terrible, and the fanservice often becomes uncomfortable.  Why did I stick with it beyond those first five episodes of stupidity?  I liked the man vs. machine and buddy soldiers facets of the story, and it certainly made me laugh as it provided a good dose of action.


The fun factor counts as the most important reason behind me never actually dropping the anime.  (My watching of it has frequently stalled.)  Last night, my decision to continue watching the show felt completely vindicated when I turned to a friend and said:

Our heroes and a team of cat-girl maid mercenaries must now destroy seven weapons of mass destruction to save a city from certain destruction.


Now that I look back on it, only the leader had cat ears. Oh, well.

My friend’s jaw dropped.  The appearance of the “Battlefield Cleaning Service” was completely absurd, yet completely original.  Well, maybe not completely original, but maid mercenaries are rare enough not to be trite.  And then, adding that our pair of picaresque heroes can only enlist the help of maid mercenaries at their moment of greatest need is perfect.  For all of Heavy Object‘s faults, it was well worth sticking through it for that one moment.


Have my dear readers come across a similar moment in their anime watching of late?

9 comments on “Moments of Crazy Anime Originality

  1. marthaurion says:

    man, heavy object had some great moments for how disappointing it was…


    • It does have some great moments. As of now, I’m thinking of giving it a 6/10, which means that it decently entertained me but not enough for me to watch it again. That’s far better than the 3/10 show it started as. 🙂


  2. Karandi says:

    I hated the addition of the maids because it just felt like they realised they’d toned down other aspects of fan service and were now just filling a gap.


  3. Aggelos says:

    Seeing these maid mercenaries reminds us of Roberta(Black Lagoon),plus with the woman in the first pic definitely all of them give the sense of military adventure.So they’re reasons to like the anime.


  4. Elisabeth O'Neill says:

    My most recent experience of a moment of weirdness that won me over was with Ergo Proxy. It gets through about half the series as an almost completely linear storyline, and then suddenly the characters are dropped into a game show with no preamble and no explanation for the situation. It’s so hilariously bizarre, but then it reveals itself as a kind of exposition vehicle for how this post-apocalyptic world came to be. Nowhere else have I seen anime exposition handled so well. That was the moment I decided I really liked Ergo Proxy.

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    • I remember that game show. It made the recap more bearable than it would have been otherwise.

      Ergo Proxy is great for how packed it is with cultural references and its dark world. Sometimes I wonder why bloggers don’t mention it more frequently.

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