Reblog: The Inevitable Fight Against Evil – And Vampires


Here is a great post about vampires and fighting evil.  Josh W explorers Christian themes within video games for Beneath the Tangles.  The articles on his personal blog, Res Studiorum et Ludorum, contains posts on many subjects ranging from anime and movies to science fiction and religion.  Please check out the post linked to below!

The Inevitable Fight Against Evil – And Vampires



4 comments on “Reblog: The Inevitable Fight Against Evil – And Vampires

  1. Josh W says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! I’m glad you liked it.


  2. Aggelos says:

    Speaking of legendary creatures and fighting Evil-who appear in various franchises-are the Gargoyles too.Back,in mid 90’s,a great animated series by Disney was on the air:”The Gargoyles”.A fascinating with it’s Depth,it’s complex story arcs and characters too.
    With the voice of their leader Goliath narrating in the opening their lives begin in an era of sword and sorcery where a human misunderstanding friezes them with a spell,so they awake one day in Manhattan in 90’s.So they had a Cultural Shock.
    Of course ironically their anatomy and appearance made them,to the eyes of humans,to look either monsters either Evil spirits.So their need for understanding and Good coexistance with the Humans got under strict pressure,with Strain.

    So I feel it necessary to give here a fanfic story a made:
    The Gargoyles in Roanapur

    Shortly after “El Baile De La Muerte” Rock is depressed,in agony and question about who he really is.At the same time Xanatos is there,he’s up to obtain an ancient grimoire:The Necronomicon(H.P.Lovecraft is here!)to augment the Strength of his Steel Clan.The Gargoyles learned of this planand came on his trail,utilizing the spells they were taught by Tom the Guardian they made their quick,safe entry there in Thailand,Roanapur.And began some glights over Roanapur to learn what kind of place this is.It might have stayed all of this way from any curious eyes and ears -but Goliath to defend a lonely old woman takes on Colombian thugs(they were about to torture her grand son ,just to get fees).
    One of them get’s way,he’s scared to death,he’s screaming about a Monster!.”SAVE ME FROM THE MONSTER !! ” “Was it Roberta?”.”No Abrego,it wasn’t Roberta! It was a POWERFUL MONSTER.Three meters tall,with dragonlike wings on its shoulders,and it’s eyes were full of Fire!!”.But no one believes him.
    Yet the rumors(about a Superhuman Monster prowling at night)are going Strong,throughout Roanapur.Every cartel boss hears about this,they’re unbelieving,”so who cares about a stupid rumor?!..There’s no such Monster in this world,in Our city.And even if it were we would kill it off”.
    But soon,in the city gunmen attack in Rowan’s Show, the muscle guy Sam Park took four girls as his hostages.So the mercenaries felt real confident they would make it suddenly an Immence,wild roar is heard.Goliath,Hudson and Brooklyn entered and bested the scared thugs,thus saving the girls .Particularly Goliath knocked down easily Sam Park.The Gargoyles swiftly fled way,and then the police men came.
    “Yes chief Watsap.The Gargoyles deald with the terrorists, especially their Leader defeated the muscle heads and saved all of us”Joanna testiefied to the Police Chief.
    The news spread on Roanapur,soon Mr Chang ,the local leader of the Triad heard og this.Plus:Amateur artists made drawings of the Gargoyles,many saw them ,the lagoon company,Eda too.
    And then came the escalation.Because the Gods had noticed the moves and intentions of Xanatos,so Zeus,and Athena came in a meeting with their counterparts,Hastur,Fokalor and Yog Sothoth.
    “The Fierce Knowledge in Necronomicon is about the construction of the Weapons we used during the Clash of the Titans,and now an entire network of plunderers comes to usurp of it…not reckoning with what kind of Fire are about to play with”!So Zeus said.
    “We agree”,Hastur,Fokalor and Yog Sothoth told . “And how we’ll stop them?”
    Hastur,you’ve said,hat you’d deploy a human for such cases”, Zeus told him.
    “Certainly!It just needs my old ones on His good side,they would not re appear on the surface for petty reasons”.
    “Very well,Menes will awake,with all the Acolytes,soldiers about a such Venture”,Zeus and Athena concluded.
    “Thanks for your generous offer”,Hastur remarked.So he turned and said:”Fokalor,go to Earth and notify your protégées,the Gargoyles and the Ghouls about our wills.You Yog Sothoth,find Menes and wake up his genuine memories so he will march for the Cause.He’s been Dormant,now he is to awake and ”. Then swiftly Fokalor journeyed,to Earth and talked to his protégées.
    Sekhmet talked to her protégées too:The Liondsweh!Namely the Lion men ,hidden for many millennia now in caverns-way from the human perceptions. Now it was their time to resurface and join the Risk.
    Yog Sothoth found “Rock” Rokuro Okajima and dispersed his fake memories,and wakened his True ones:That actually he’s the Sumerian magical Fighter Menes,and kin of the hero Gilgamesh!He had been born in prehistoric Iraq ,in 3099 b.C.,the priesthood of Ur saved from certain Assassination ,thanks to the Time portal he traveled in the future. Once he arrived he was disguised as a “ordinary Japanese” young man in the mid 90’s Japan, even with a forged past so no one would ever question who he really was”.

    Thanks for the post.


    • The fan fiction has a very nice start to it. I used to watch the Gargoyles show when I was younger. So, your story made me feel nostalgic.

      I admit to having pasted your story onto my open office program and edited your story for grammar, punctuation, and clarity. English is a very difficult language, and I did not want those flaws to take away from a good story–which must continue from this point! If you want to see my corrections, e-mail me by all means.


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