Reblog: Harmonia and Outdated Religion

While reading through some posts on Beneath the Tangles, I found this excellent article by Kaze on how many people view religion as outdated.  It was inspired by the visual novel Harmonia, which sounds like a very introspective work.  Click on the link below.

Harmonia and Outdated Religion


4 comments on “Reblog: Harmonia and Outdated Religion

  1. Speaking of which, I remember being surrounded by a bunch of classmates who don’t really like Roman Catholicism while we were discussing Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.” The expressions of dislike whenever we discussed something that involved Roman Catholicism (like the teachings regarding birth control and such, which was one of the things they found really easy to make a dig at while discussing “A Modest Proposal”) was understandable, considering society today and the university which I study in, but still, it was unsettling to be surrounded by such people, and I wondered about whether or not I’d be murdered on the spot if I ever expressed my disagreement to them in spoken and/or written form. Still, on that same day, I think that God managed to help me deal with it really well. There was my dad, who listened to me and told me really worthwhile thoughts (basically “Understand those who don’t follow God, too, but still, keep on trying to follow God,” I think) when I told him about what I had experienced during the morning at school, and then there was when my parents and I went for Holy Hour, which was very worthwhile, especially because of Confession, despite rigid me being suddenly reminded about it by my mom. Oh, and right now, my interest in discussing that Key visual novel is not as high as my interest in discussing religion with someone chill enough, honestly…so yeah…


    • It’s tough speaking about the Catholic faith before a crowd of scoffers. Always keep the example of the saints and the goodness of God in mind. Though we appear to be alone before an army, there is always an army behind us. As St. Thomas More said during his trial, “…if I should take notice of those learned Doctors and virtuous Fathers that are already dead, many of whom are Saints in Heaven, I am sure there are far more, who all the while they lived thought in this case as I do now.” After the life of Christ, we ought to constantly study the lives of the saints in order to be inspired to live and to die as they have.

      And, sometimes saints have been spared precisely because of their boldness. St. Anthony the Great publicly encouraged the martyrs and tended imprisoned Christians during Diocletian’s persecution. So astonished was the Roman governor of Egypt that he commanded that no harm come to St. Anthony despite him being an open target. St. Francis of Assisi boldly tried to convert the Caliph of Egypt during the Fifth Crusade, and, though St. Francis failed to convert the caliph and was imprisoned and beaten, he won the Caliph’s respect and escaped with his life. Our lives are in God’s hands at all times.

      Still, it is hard. The sacraments and Holy Hour are great helps to following Christ, and I wish you all the best in speaking up for the Faith. And, feel free to e-mail me at

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