Examining Light Novels: Latin in the Middle Ages

My latest article on Beneath the Tangles talks about why Latin became the Franca lingua of the Middle Ages, and about how the Catholic Church preferred–and indeed, still prefers–this language above all the rest.  This topic and the last one I wrote about, monastic contributions to European economics, Isuna Hasekura gets very right.

Examining Light Novels: Latin in the Middle Ages



3 comments on “Examining Light Novels: Latin in the Middle Ages

  1. Aggelos says:

    Maybe it’s irrelevant but it reminds us that right now there are two Black Lagoon light novels,and not adapted yet for anime:a)Birdy Sheitane,b)The Ballad of a Shinful Wizard. I’m curious about them.


    • Now that you mention them, I am also. I’ll have to find copies of them. Black Lagoon is a great franchise.


      • Aggelos says:

        Each one has great art,particularly the second novel has a cover giving a hint about weird things in there.From the other hand I find the Black Lagoon hiatus annoying,and meanwhile the publishers seem to take it so lax.Yes,we see a lot of related collectibles,but what about new chapters and the anime as well?
        Also I remember the ” Familiar of Zero”light novels.An important character is Agnes,leader of the Musketeers,likable-but greatly misunderstood.


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