Quick Thought: Under the Dog

I’ve heard of this anime. Jusuchin gives an excellent review of this episode length OVA. It sounds pretty cool overall, and I hope that they manage to make a series out of it–though, I doubt that it comes close to being like Ghost in the Shell.

A Journey Through Life

The result of a crowd-funded campaign, Under the Dog was originally envisioned as a 26 episode series with an animation style hearkening back to shows like Ghost in the Shell. The plot follows an UN-sanctioned assassination group called Flowers, made up of young teenage girls who have special abilities formed after a massive terrorist attack occurred during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Failure of a mission means death for the agent, as well as family and close friends through the use of implanted bombs.

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2 comments on “Quick Thought: Under the Dog

  1. David A says:

    I dropped the episode once I heard the Lord’s Name taken in vain. This was after the military went into the school. The blasphemous language was uttered by one of the soldiers.


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