Questions from MIBIH

MIB of the blog MIB’s Instant Headache won the Liebster Award some time ago and kindly nominated me for the same award.  Be sure to check out his reviews of foreign films, classics, and anime, since all his reviews are brimming with detail and amusing observations.  The Liebster Award includes some questions for the award winner to answer, and then he is allowed to ask his nominees eleven questions in return.  While I felt that I must decline his nomination, answering MIB’s eleven questions sounded like they would make an amusing post.  Here they are below!


MIB’s Questions
  1. If you could direct a film and cast any actor or actress, living or dead, who would it be?

Errol Flynn.  I’d cast him in a swashbuckling adventure with plenty of swordplay.

  1. Which superhero did you want to be as a kid?

Batman has always been my favorite, so it would be him.  However, my childhood hero, Theodore Roosevelt, is more awesome than any comic book hero. 🙂

  1. Do you believe in God?

Yes, I believe in one God, who is a Trinity of Persons, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost with each Person co-eternal, co-equal, and sharing the same essence.

  1. Should man-buns/topknots be banned (except for Samurai of course)?

It should be banned for anyone not bearing an approximate resemblance to Toshiro Mifune.  So, I only partially agree with the following meme:


  1. Have you ever joined or set foot in a gym?

Yes, but my most effective form of exercise was doing a six mile run every other day.  The flab around my middle suggests that I should start this salutary practice again.

  1. What was your favorite childhood toy?

The wooden sword I got from the Medieval Times, closely followed by the plastic samurai sword I got around Halloween when my brother and I would dress up as ninja.

  1. Do you currently have or have you ever had a pet?

Yes, I’ve almost always had a pet.

  1. And if so, what is/was it?

My friend had a cat named Zorro, who is unfortunately deceased.  Zorro was incredibly fond of me.  He was apparently a Turkish Van and Norwegian Forest Cat mix.  I’ve always felt that the latter traits were more dominant.


Requiescat in pace, Zorro.

  1. Can you recall the first film you ever saw at the cinema?

No, the earliest film which I recall being very enthusiastic about and seeing three times at the cinema was Jurassic Park.

  1. What was the best music concert you ever attended?

Probably the James Bond Concert held at Huntsville last year.  All the disdain for Timothy Dalton–the second best actor in the role of James Bond–only slightly marred the event.

  1. Is there a particular word you have trouble pronouncing?

Streichholzschächtelchen.  It’s German for “little matchbox.”  I couldn’t come up with an English word, but I know there must be a few.


2 comments on “Questions from MIBIH

  1. MIB says:

    Good answers!

    Love the Mifune meme – spot on! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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