Insecurity vs Loving Yourself? Kiznaiver Ep 4&5


Welcome friends and foes of anime! I you recall, in a previous blog I mentioned that I switched out Cerberus for Kiznaiver, since Kiznaiver was just so much more substantive. Although the fourth and fifth episodes were not as fantastic as the third, this series still proves itself to be a solid watch. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 10.29.15 PM.png

Since I have yet to have the chance to talk about the opening, it seems appropriate to bring it up now. This opening is easily one of my favorites of the season, and captures the complex swirling emotions this anime has to offer. The semi-psychedelic images, flashes of memorial scenes, and individual focus fully reflects what this series is. The song itself is super catchy, yet simultaneously calming. Really, this opening is just great, not just for the anime, but also just in general. 

Moving on to episode 4! After watching the entirety of the episode, I think…

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