Article Ideas for May through July

My dear readers!  How little I write these days!  Day to day worries and trivial pursuits so easily distract the mind, even though writing posts for your enjoyment is more worthwhile.  And so, I have decided to take a page from the YouTuber Lindybeige and will write at least two posts per week starting tomorrow: one on Sunday and one on Friday.  Far from being difficult to conjure up with things to write about, I devised so many that it shall take me until July to finish with them.  Though, I must confess that I usually only get around to 80% of the topics on lists like this.


Below, I list the order in which these articles occurred to me.  Feel free to both chime in and steal ideas from here.  That’s right: steal them.  There are as many possible views on the topics listed below as there are people.  If any of you are so bold, link your article back to this post, and, within three days, I shall write an article on the same topic taking your post into consideration and linking back to yours!  (By the way, this includes posts taking the opposite point of view, and you have to beat me to the punch.) This sounds like a fun innovation, and I look forward to you taking me up on it.  If an anime spawned the idea for a topic, I have included its name.


1) Mayoiga: How Religion Rolls Back Superstition
2) How Mayoiga Shows the Limits of Democracy and the Need for Leaders
3) Mayoiga and the Age of Hobbies in which we Live
4) How Kizaiver Places a Premium on Fellow-Feeling in the Virtue of Mercy and my Thoughts about Mercy in God
5) Kiznaiver: on the Effects of Pain in Isolation, the Need for People to have Others Understand them, and how only God can ever Plumb the Depths of our Minds and Misery


6) Bungo Stray Dogs: The Importance of Male Companionship for Men
7) Bungo Stray Dogs: Suicide, Negation of Being, and Evil
8) Hundred: How Goofy Harem Shows Pull me in Every Time
9) Twin Star Exorcists and Why Arranged Marriages Worked
10) Twin Star Exorcists and Running from one’s Post in the World


11) Space Patrol Luluco and one Particular Flaw in Divorce, namely that there were likely good reasons for choosing one’s spouse in the first place
12) Ushio to Tora and the Importance of Quiet Virtues
13) Flying Witch and Thoughts on the Morality of Portraying Magic in Fiction
14) Space Patrol Luluco, being tied down by one’s desires, and the vice of idolatry
15) Thoughts on the Relationship of Justice and Mercy and What Modern Man needs to hear about more.


16) Midpoint Review of Anime Spring 2016
17) Review on Thomas Madden’s Concise History of the Crusades
18) Thoughts on the Dirty Pair OVA

Wish me luck on these upcoming articles! So, which struck you as most interesting?


3 comments on “Article Ideas for May through July

  1. lynlynsays says:

    These look like some interesting articles. Can’t wait to read!


  2. Don says:

    There actually is something “quiet” in Ushio & Tora?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I see what you mean. xD Most of the action and characters are quite flashy and loud, but I want to argue that there are quieter virtues underlying the brash heroism we see everywhere.


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