Reblog: Answering Those Important Female Questions

Answering Those Important Female Questions –


3 comments on “Reblog: Answering Those Important Female Questions

  1. jubilare says:

    I couldn’t read this to find out if there was any legitimate point made. The first lines made me so angry. “Female tendency” to make everyone do things the same way? …what. The. Hell? Since when is there such a tendency? I’ve known plenty of control-freaks, male and female, but I know even more who are actually sane. …it’s generalizations like that that lie at the root, not only of all misogyny, but of all fallacious judgement.


  2. Well, good old Suburbanbanshee is a woman, so misogyny likely doesn’t play a part here. Indeed, many men are control freaks also. One of my friends happens to be one, whose controlling habits are only made more annoying by the fact that he claims not to believe in objective morality. (If you were wondering, we became friends when he did believe in objective morals.)

    She wrote “female tendency,” but the article makes it clear that it is one particular set of women, female theologians, who are guilty (or at least most guilty) of it. But, it should be noted that some of the most vocal female voices in theology come from a leftist and therefore a collectivist orientation, which probably explains the controlling tendency Suburbanbanshee noticed more than their being of the female persuasion.


    • jubilare says:

      “Well, good old Suburbanbanshee is a woman, so misogyny likely doesn’t play a part here.”
      Unfortunately, women can me misogynists, just as men can be misandrists. I’ve met people in both categories, and I don’t doubt you have, too. :/

      “the fact that he claims not to believe in objective morality” Oh golly… yeah. I never can wrap my head around someone who both thinks that there is no objective morality, and yet thinks he/she is “right,” and yet that seems to be the story of at least 80% of people who claim to disbelieve in objective morality.

      I may give it another try once I calm down, but that generalization hit one heck of a button for me (obviously). I think one reason female theologians tend to “swing left” is that there are more women published by left-leaning agencies. Plus, there seems to be a… let’s call it a pattern, as I am pretty sure the causes of the pattern are manifold and complex, of female theologians addressing only, or primarily, female issues. There’s an extreme dearth of published female theologians that deal with non-gendered theological issues.

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