6 comments on “Examining Old School Anime: On Holy Communion

  1. jubilare says:

    I tried to comment on the actual post and it didn’t seem to go through, so I will comment here. 😉

    “How greatly do we starve our souls! How much do we pamper our bodies, which are worth so much less! We eat three times a day, and some think it a terrible failing to skip a meal. On the other hand, some only nourish their souls with true food once a year or go years without this holy food. Is it any wonder so many souls faint on the way to paradise?”

    How agonizingly true. I’ve fainted more than once, only to realize that I was quite literally starving myself spiritually. I consider it a great Divine Mercy to have realized what was happening. It seems, to me, that not everyone does.


    • Yes, unfortunately, many people end up blaming God for their spiritual lassitude and turn away from Him. There have been periods like that for me as well. But, God is good and wishes for all to be saved, so He gives us enough time to wise up. There is nothing like the sacraments for strengthening the soul, and we need them more than ever in these difficult days for the Faith.

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      • jubilare says:

        Unfortunately, I think there are patterns of unrealistic expectations/assumptions very prevalent, and getting moreso all the time, in our society. Expectations that marriage must be accompanied by constantly “feeling in love,” is one example. And I think sometimes we foolishly apply that to faith and to God. When things become hard, society often tells us that the fault lies with Christianity. But we were never promised that we would always “feel in love” with God. We are only promised that He is faithful.

        I’ve always been able to see what it is that I have done that has caused spiritual faintness. So it’s been easy for me to realize where the fault lies. But I don’t think it’s always that easy, and some day I might be faint and not know why, like Job.


      • You hit the nail on the head. And spiritual dryness and trials are often sent for our purification. We need simply remain faithful and trust in our loving Father.

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  2. GoodbyeNavi says:

    I’m also commenting here.

    “And, unlike sake, our becoming inebriated with God’s life depends not on the volume we consume, but the faith, hope, and love we have for God.”

    My prose is not as poetic as yours but this sums up how I feel about our relationship with God. We should never lose the faith, hope, and love we have because without it, we are lost. I have been able to manage through to some life events because of my persistent faith in God. Do I have issues with Christianity? I would say it is more with how some who proclaimed themselves as Christian behave and treat others in blasphemous ways. But who am I to judge?


    • Christianity offers a hard discipline to live by, and many prefer to give it intellectual or political adherence than to walk the road of sanctification. C. S. Lewis once wrote that we find some of the most obnoxious people inside the Church. But, we can’t let that distance us from God. I remember the voice actor Vic Mignogna talking about how some people inside his church would castigate him about certain characters he played and even blame him for the kinds of drawings of them found on Deviant Art. Such petty individuals are in nowise trying to imitate Christ though they bear the name Christian.


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