10 Days to 400 Anime: Patlabor the Movie

It’s been a couple of days since I last posted.  Long serials always prove difficult for me.  At last, here is my post on Patlabor the Movie.  Let me tell you off the bat that this movie impressed me.  The action sequences are good.  The characters were portrayed in a realistic manner: not overly exuberant or cartoony.  Also, the plot was very intelligent without becoming boring.  (See Sky Crawlers for a very intelligent yet boring film.)


Our story starts out with a genius programmer’s suicide.  It turns out the the programmer created the new Hyper Operating System (HOS) for Labors, i.e. the movie’s name for mecha, and that these Labors have started to go haywire at construction sites.  Our heroes connect the dots to realize that the programmer had set the Labors to react to a particular frequency.  His motivations seem to stem from his God complex and desire to recreate the story of the Tower of Babel.


The most interesting thing about the movie is how the investigation framed the story of the Tower of Babel.  Essentially, it speaks to how humanity is becoming too arrogant with the advances in technology.  This likely motivated the aforementioned programmer to deliver a setback to humanity, but it is always a bad thing when a person tries to take the place of Almighty God!  The question of whether humanity is becoming too proud through technology is an interesting one. 


I really must watch the movie again, because some of its ideas went over my head.  I shall happily undertake this in the future.  The sub and animation were also superb, earning it the following high marks:


Be sure to read theSubtleDoctor’s article on Patlabor the Movie also–and play “Wolf Parade” while reading it 🙂 : The Hyperrealism of Patlabor


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