10 Days to 400 Anime: Windaria

Still having computer problems, but your humble blogger shall attempt to bypass them through using his newly acquired Kindle Fire.  (A very cheap $50 for what it does.) Blogging on this shall prove less vexatious than using a cell phone and will suffice for the time being.


At any rate, I have decided on Windaria to be my first movie of the series.  This fantasy displays some great animation and offers the audience a poignantly tragic anti-war tale; though, considering how many mistakes were completely avoidable and unnecessary, I don’t think that they carried their point.  Our story begins with Izu and his wife, Marin, selling their vegetables in the capital city of Itha.  While in town, a saboteur attempts to flood this city by opening the dikes.  (Itha is very reminiscent of Holland with its dikes and windmills.) Izu thwarts this plan, but receives scant recognition at the court of Itha for saving their capital, which will lead to Izu’s easily being taken into Paro’s, the enemy country’s, service.  The court learns from the captured saboteur that Paro employed him, and they begin to take measures for their defense.


As you can see, Paro is quite reminiscent of Mordor.

Very little makes sense from this point onwards.  To tell you the truth, the attempted flooding of Itha made little sense too: what good is the capital of Itha to Paro’s empire if it’s destroyed?  Most egregious of their errors is the lack of diplomacy, which could have solved all their problems.  Consider especially that the prince of Paro and the princess of Itha are in love.  Their marriage would naturally and simply win Itha for Paro.  (Princess Ahnas is the Queen’s sole heir.) Despite being a military power, the soldiers of Paro lack both discipline and training, which leads to them suffering substantial casualties in the battle which ensues.  Soldiers armed with crossbows should not inflict many casualties on those using tanks and fully automatic rifles!



As unjust and irrational as it was for Paro to start the war, Itha’s attempt to fight against them without even the most primitive firearms was as unjust as it was imprudent.  They should have immediately resorted to diplomacy and seeking favorable terms.  Sometimes, a nation must resort to war even if it lack proper resources to win, e.g. Judas Maccabeus fighting the Greeks.  But, since Itha seems not to have faced such evils as the destruction of their culture and religion or utter slavery, especially in light of the hoped for marriage, they ought not have resorted to war.  If they truly wished to maintain their independence, they ought to have spent their peace trying to gain military parity with Paro, their neighbor with a history of conquest.  But, having failed to close within five hundred years of their enemy’s weapons technology, they must needs sue for peace.


The side story of the results of Izu’s decision to work for Paro provides some more tragedy.  One is constantly surprised by how willing the characters are to engage in self-destructive behavior and the many tragic mistakes throughout.  Even with the beautiful animation, likable characters, and gritty action scenes, I could not rate it higher than the score you see below, because of the characters’ stupidity–as human as that may be.


★★ 1/2

Next up: Lupin the 3rd: The Secret of Mamo

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