End of National Blog Posting Month and a Hiatus

Here we are at the end of National Blog Posting Month.  I tell you frankly, my dear readers, that I feel rather burned out on blogging.  Ich brauche eine Pause!  (I’m presently studying German in my free time.)  It doesn’t help that I have been feeling this way since the beginning of this month.  But, I intend to give my time to study and creative writing and should return refreshed in a couple of months.  And, you’ll still see one post from me within that time for Beneath the Tangles’ Twelve Days of Christmas series on the penultimate day before Christmas (December 23rd).

Happy blogging to you all!




9 comments on “End of National Blog Posting Month and a Hiatus

  1. It’s been fun! Study hard, write creatively (even if it involves rattling your brain around like I do :P), and come back refreshed! We’ll see you in your next post.


  2. lynlynsays says:

    Oh man, I feel burnt out too from doing a post every day. But now I can blog when I want again without being so committed to something xD Have fun resting!


  3. jubilare says:

    Rest up, friend. Burnout is no small challenge.


  4. Arria Cross says:

    Have fun learning German. And rest up!


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