Examining Old School Anime: The Body as Essential to Our Humanity

Here’s my latest post for Examining Old School Anime.

Beneath the Tangles

Looking at Leiji Matsumoto’s treatment of the body in Galaxy Express 999, our dear readers may easily understand my suspicion that Leiji Matsumoto comes from a Christian background or at very least is highly influenced by Christian ideas.  This especially comes across in Galaxy Express 999‘s emphasis on the evil of exchanging one’s body for a machine.  I don’t think one can discover a single pagan philosophy or religion, East or West, which gives the body real importance if that philosophy also postulates the existence of the soul.  In these pagan philosophies, the body is a container for your soul but not an essential part of you.  (Within the extras for the Otogi Zoshi anime, one Japanese historian even said that the Japanese of the tenth century simply threw away the bodies of their dead as if trash!)  This makes the Christian belief in the resurrection very unique.

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