LOGH on YouTube

Hello all!  My friend was commenting about difficult it was for him to find LOGH.  Just for the heck of it, I said that you can probably find it on YouTube.  He scoffed at the idea, because he had tried it before.  Well, it turns out that some generous soul did just that about half a year ago!  You can watch the entire OVA series on his channel (except for episode 10, at any rate)–or pay a king’s ransom for the few copies which are still being sold on Amazon.  You’re choice, but you can’t pass up this awesome old school anime!

Did I mention that Walter von Schonkopf was my favorite character?  Battle axes in space ftw!

Did I mention that Walter von Schonkopf was my favorite character? Battle axes in space ftw!

7 comments on “LOGH on YouTube

  1. David A says:

    Except for some details, that is one of the best anime series produced.

    Some content warnings I’ve read about:

    There is nudity (uncensored) in these episodes:

    40, 58, 65, 89, 93

    And in these ovas, I think: “A Hundred Billion Stars” (eps 1 y 4) y “My Conquest is the Sea of Stars”

    Violence, some blood in what could be called 80’s anime style.

    I like that the series isn’t that biased against aristocracy, and shows the shortcomings and virtues of the people in both camps.


    • I haven’t yet reached those episodes, but it does not surprise me. Animators don’t have to worry about things being censored in an OVA, and eighties and early nineties anime are famous for not caring about brief nudity. This might have to do something with Japanese culture: as late as the forties, it was not uncommon to see a female farmer working without her torso covered. So, their culture might have a more relaxed attitude toward nudity. And, yeah, some eighties anime are the bloodiest one can watch, but LOGH is hardly the worst of them. Vampire Hunter D is worse, for example, but that is also not among the most gory!

      I wonder whether the series is really not biased against the aristocracy. On one side, we have a democracy and the other side, by the point I’ve reached, is a dictatorship. The aristocrats who remain are often awesome characters, but they have very little power–about as much as a French count under Louis XIV.


      • David A says:

        Yes, from what I’ve read, upper torso nudity is more common in old anime. Now, they include it too, but on very ecchi shows, in the typical fanserive ones, they try to show the most they can but without showing everything, relying more on context, and poses (although that in’t good either). About the gore, yes, it seems this series isn’t among the most bloodiest. Being an OVA series contributes to both of these aspects.

        They seem to take a view regarding aristocracy that favors what could be called non-conformist noblity vs. an stagnating old regime. But I wonder if they favor a true version of aristocracy represented in Reinhard von Lohengramm.


      • They might favor Reinhard’s representation of the nobility, but I’ll have to watch more of the series before that becomes certain. After all, we have a democracy on one side and a dictatorship on the other at the moment, but we’ll see.


      • David A says:

        In which episode are you currently in?


      • I thought that I was a bit further than this, but I’ve watched thirty-six episodes. Seventy-four to go!


      • David A says:

        I see.

        I’m near 80 episodes now.

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