Conspiracies and Catholicism: Hitler’s Pope

That some people were calling Pope Pius XII “Hitler’s Pope” came to my attention back in high school. A little bit of research suffices to debunk that falsehood, but some people would rather believe the falsehood than investigate the facts. Here’s a post which provides all the facts one needs to challenge anyone who believes that Pope Pius XII was a friend to the Nazis–or to the Communists, for that matter.

Head Noises

Hitler’s Pope

It’s a slander, and not just misleading but so opposite of reality I don’t understand how it caught ground. See you next month.

….alright, I know I’ve done that gag before, but some topics are just ridiculous. I do them, because being absurd to those who have some familiarity with the subject is no guard against a claim being believed by those who are less familiar, but I think it’s important to make it clear that it’s not because it’s such a strong argument that it deserves respect as a brilliant display of reasoning. Let me explain why it’s unbelievable:

The Story

The guy whose behavior during the Nazi occupation converted the chief rabbi of Rome to Catholicism was working with the Nazis? The guy who was supposedly so silent and passive, at best, did enough that EWTN found a dozen paged of quotes from contemporary Jewish sources

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