Conspiracies and Catholicism: Halloween

A great post to read on Catholicism and Halloween, especially with All Hallow’s Eve just around the corner.

Head Noises

These are articles originally published at the Catholic Stand online magazine; I plan to reprint and then continue the series here.

All Hallow’s Eve, when ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beasties, and things that go bump in the night, are all out in force….

Well, I already dealt with monsters back in the demon, vampire and Frankenstein articles, but there are still a lovely bunch of little Halloween things to look at.

Just like every other big Catholic thing, it’s supposedly Pagan to have a party during the vigil before All Saint’s day. There is a long history of having a sort of harvest festival in pretty much any culture that can produce more than they can store (frequently it’s when you harvest fruits or slaughter the animals before winter) and there was one called Samhain in Ireland. There’s another one coming up in the US, called Thanksgiving…

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2 comments on “Conspiracies and Catholicism: Halloween

  1. Foxfier says:

    Thank you! Glad you liked it.


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