A Great Series on the Katana

Recently, I discovered a new YouTube Channel called “I am Shad” through Shad’s video on the Kite or Norman shield.  Shad is about as entertaining to watch as Skallagrim and as factually reliable as Matt Easton–though, not with that gentleman’s depth of knowledge.  Shad’s excellent sense of humor and solid interpretation of the facts manifest themselves well in “The TRUTH about the Katana.”  This series delves into the strengths and weaknesses of the katana’s forging process and its design in the most even-handed manner I’ve yet seen.  I found myself hooked on this series as soon as he used Rurouni Kenshin for a reference point.  Few anime fans don’t have an interest in katana, so I encourage all my dear readers to check out this series.  Parts one through four are short enough to be watched in tandem, however the last video is almost fifty minutes long.  Enjoy!

The TRUTH about the Katana, part 1: Introduction

The TRUTH about the Katana, part 2: What it is Made from

The TRUTH about the Katana, part 4: Differential Hardening

The TRUTH about the Katana, part 5: Design and Shape

3 comments on “A Great Series on the Katana

  1. I will be watching this! I love swords, weapons, and combat in general.


  2. (Didn’t get to finish my thought because I accidentally pressed the reply button) What got me into anime was the martial arts training I participated in especially the saber combat. I named my saber “ulfberht” after a documentary on Nordic swords (the documentary claimed that the ulfberht was stronger then a katana…) Ruroni Kenshin is also my favorite anime because of the sword fighting aspect. Why more people who like anime don’t take up a martial art so they can feel like Kenshin or any other kick butt character I do not know. 😛


    • I also got into Japanese culture and eventually anime through martial arts–judo and aikido in particular. Saber fencing is something I’ve been interested in recently since it looks like a lot of fun–especially Polish saber fencing.

      Glad to find another blogger whose favorite anime is Rurouni Kenshin! Few shows make one want to swing a sword around so much: I’ll confess that there have been occasions where watching a few episodes of RK motivated me to go into the backyard for some cutting practice. 🙂


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