Autumn 2015 Anime Preview!

Be sure to check out Caraniel’s Season Preview post, especially as her expertise in this area has few equals. The fall season looks pretty good. I found a dozen titles I’d like to try.

Caraniel's Ramblings

autumn lrg

Hello!  Yes it is me and I’m still breathing – my ever problematic arm decided to go on an unsanctioned strike a few weeks back, and then I just wanted a break from the internet for a while.  But I’m still a creature of habit, so had to do my usual preview – so here I am full of pain meds and ready to pass judgement on the upcoming Autumn season shows!

Summer ended up being a much, much better season than I thought it would be, will Autumn manage the same feat?  Lets have a look shall we, starting with the sequels & spin-offs again.

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