A Time to Build

Dmdutcher wrote an excellent post on what the same-sex marriage ruling means for Christians in America. I highly encourage people to read both the article and the comments below, which are pretty insightful.


4 comments on “A Time to Build

  1. I’d rather stay with the Roman Catholic Church than with a nominally Christian culture, even if I don’t fully understand all of the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings. The selfishness that I’m seeing in most of the USA’s cultures…it’s freaking repulsive. Sure, we’re not perfect, but I’m not going to support a throwaway culture. I don’t like thinking “That person’s existence is worth more/less than mine,” and neither do I like thinking “That person made a mistake? He/She can’t be healed, then!” Knowing about the presence of evil is annoying, but the presence of evil is enough reason for me to start working against it. I hate falling for the “Evil is here, which means that you shouldn’t be fighting against it” logic, as WE CAN FIGHT AGAINST EVIL, OTHERWISE HUMANITY SHOULDN’T BE EXISTING RIGHT NOW.

    Let’s work towards improvement. Let’s pray for each other’s improvement. We can do it. Indeed, we can do it. Yes, we can.


    • Yep, there is no surer rock to cling to in times like this than the Church and its doctrine. The world has gone after false doctrines since time immemorial, but the Church’s doctrines, even if some have been further developed, have stood sure for two thousand years. “Crux stat dum volvitur orbis” or “The cross stands while the world turns” as the Carthusian motto states.

      The terrible thing about current American culture is that it has completely lost its way. One simply needs to compare the Founding Fathers to modern politicians and thinkers. Well, recent developments are the fruit of about 300 years of progressive philosophy eating away at the concept of natural law and absolutes. It may take as long for the world to be restored to sanity, but it is certainly a worthy struggle.

      And yes, one of the lies of the Evil One is that fighting against evil is pointless. But, Christ has defeated evil in all of its forms on the Cross. Therefore, we can persevere through countless setbacks, knowing that Christ has won the victory for us and that the devil is just a “loser dog”–to borrow a term from anime. 🙂

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