Examining Old School Anime: Suicide

Here’s my latest post for Beneath the Tangles on Catholic doctrine concerning suicide.

Beneath the Tangles

You can say that this article derives from my adherence to the principle of choosing the lesser of two evils–in this case, the lesser of two spoilers: I weighed spoiling the ending of Space Pirate Captain Harlock against revealing the death of a minor character in The Rose of Versailles.  The topic of death appeared the best choice–like on another occasion.  As you glean from the title, this particular character takes her own life.  This unfortunate event (The Rose of Versailles can be surprisingly dark) comes about through Madame de Polignac forcing her eleven year old daughter to contract an engagement with a forty-three year old duke, who is plainly a pedophile.  At the time, the age of consent in Europe seems to have been twelve for women, following the old Roman law.  So, Charlotte faces the prospect of consummating a marriage with a degenerate in…

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Legens, scribe sententias tuas.

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