Examining Old School Anime: What Profiteth a Man to Gain the Whole World and Lose His Own Soul?

Here’s my latest post for my Examining Old School Anime Column on Beneath the Tangles. For a change of pace, I write about a theme in The Rose of Versailles.

Beneath the Tangles

Let me take a break from Space Pirate Captain Harlock this week.  Thanks to the enthusiastic recommendation of iblessall, I have picked up an awesome new anime titled The Rose of Versailles.  You might have never heard of this gem from 1979, but I can assure you that every fan of exciting swordplay and historical fiction will become endeared to the story of Oscar Francois de Jarjayes’s adventures in Pre-Revolutionary France.  (If you liked Rurouni Kenshin or Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran, watch this old school gem!)  Within the first episode, Oscar becomes the commander of Marie Antoinette’s bodyguard and soon becomes one of the new princess’s favorite courtiers.


Immediately upon setting foot into Versailles, Marie Antoinette manages to start a controversy.  Court rules dictate that a lady of lower station is forbidden from first addressing one of higher station.  When Marie Antoinette gets a bad…

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