Friar Pedro vs. Maragato the Bandit

I love reading stories like this. The story features some beautiful artwork too,

Aliens in This World

Goya is known for portraits of horror, war, and nightmare.

But he did paint a series of humorous paintings about a story of raw heroism… and earthy comedy.

Maragato was a notorious bandit. He wasn’t even ashamed to steal a family’s dinner and eat it all himself. But when he accosted a barefoot Franciscan, Friar Pedro Zaldivia, and held him at gunpoint, the friar cleverly took his gun away and pointed it back at him. Maragato ran off, and the Friar gave him a parting gift of shot in the backside. The bandit gave up and the friar tied him up until the authorities could come. Then… he protected the bandit from the many people willing to beat up a disarmed bad man!

Goya liked these good-natured paintings so well that he kept them.

The full story.

Goya’s series of six paintings telling the story. They are still all…

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